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Daily Woof -29th and 30th January.

Hey Everyone!

Well, today has been a bit of a washout as we’ve had the tail-end of the storms that have hit Vietnam & Cambodia recently. I could probably kit-up now and dive in the street! Tomorrows looking the same, but luckily it looks like it won’t last long, later in the week the weather is looking awesome!

Yesterday our divers were spoilt rotten as we had Michael diving with Dayna again, this time at Chumphon Pinnacle and Twins. Patrick completed his rescue course with ‘Papa Joe’, without the aid of a panic-diver puppy-dog (I’m an excellent actor you know), and Karl took newly certified diver Crystal out for a couple of dives at Mango Bay and Twins. So with one instructor per diver, everyone had a great day and the sun stayed out for us the whole time.

Anyway, time to go get my ‘pawdicure’…


Daily Woof -27th January

Phew! Another busy, hot day at the office, with lots going on again;

Kajsa & Niclas from Finland completed their PADI Open Water course today with Karl at Sail Rock, congratulations! Dayna took Michael and Thomas from Germany to Angthong National Marine Park for a day of diving, snorkelling and sunbathing on the Tour Boat. Meanwhile in Koh Tao, Axel had a German family; Oliver went diving while the other 3 went snorkelling. Sasha & Eduard, from France went diving with ‘Papa Joe’and Eric took Stella, out to Chumphon. Claudio & Arnaud took a family of four out for their very first dive experience in Mango Bay!

Everyone had a great day in and out of the water. I just wish I could’ve gone, but someone’s gotta look after this place! Maybe next time it’s busy I’ll get Eric to sit in here while I go out on the boat… you know, ‘cos I’m a dog, my sense of smell is 5x more sensitive than humans, so I can find ALL the good stuff: Morays, Turtles, Nudis,… even Sharks. Eric’s lucky if he can find his way home!

Anyway, more from me later…


Daily Woof January 26

I have to apologize for missing a couple of days of blogs, but I have been so busy that I have not had the time to get writing. We have had full boats everyday this week and 3 going out tomorrow. I’ll try to catch you guys all up on what is going on…

Conditions are excellent at the moment, we have been selling a ton of equipment and divers have been coming in right and left to book with me. As you can see by the pictures, I have been working my tail off to take care of everybody.

On top of that, I have been busy inspecting my new house that they are building now for me. Of course we are putting a little house in the back of it for Eric to sleep.  Yesterday we had the Buddha blessing ceremony as they were starting to pour the first cement. I went and took part in it and got to eat some really good food also.

Today we had trips out to Sail Rock and to Koh Tao. Congratulations to Sori and John on completing their Open Water course today, good job guys.

Tomorrow another busy day as Eric, Karl, Axel, Joe, Arnold, Dayna, and Claudio are all on the boats tomorrow with fun divers, DSDs and courses.  I will have to hold down the office I guess for another day.  When am I going to go diving????

I’ll leave you with some different pictures of the last couple of days diving as well as some shots of me working in the office and the ceremony at the new house.

Talk to you tomorrow….


Daily Woof January 24

Another beautiful and busy day in Koh Samui.  Well it was only myself, Eric and Ead in the office today as Axel, Karl, Joe, and Claudio were on the boats today and Dayna was in the pool with some new open water students.

We had 3 boats out today and everyone had a great time as conditions are good and the sun is shining on everyone

Even with the 3 of us we did not get out of the office until 7:30.  In fact I couldn’t even get a chance to get to go to the bathroom in the afternoon.  I had to just pee in Karl’s coffee.  Funny how he didn’t complain about that………..

We had customers coming in all day to book diving and courses for the next few days and I was busy cleaning and packing equipment and setting up my new side business that we are having here at Discovery Divers.  I recently completed my Thai massage certification and will be giving massages to our customers here in the shop.  Of course I will have to charge more than the 2 handed version they offer at the other places.  And of course the only happy endings here are when our divers get out of the water after their dives.

Tomorrow we are rockin’ and rollin’ again with Karl, Dayna, Axel, Joe and Claudio all on the boats with a mix of fun divers, DSDs, and courses going on.  Hope I get some time to devote to my massages.

So come by and see us this week and get yourself in the water with Discovery





Daily Woof January 23

Wow!!!  What a day.  We are so busy now that my tail is just spinning round and round.  It is almost 7:00 and I am still in the office.  The beautiful weather we’re having here and the great diving conditions must be getting around because it seems everyone wants to dive with me. Oh, I mean us.

I didn’t even get a chance to get to the beach today.  We had boats going to Sail Rock and to Koh Tao today and everyone had a great time and saw lots of stuff.  Mindy completed here open water course also today.  She was one of those that took here time and would do a dive or two every week or two.  Wish I had that much free time.  Eric, Karl, Joe and Dayna were all on the boats today and Axel was in the office where he sold a ton of equipemnt.  Of course they only bought the equipment becaseu of my great salesmanship.

Tomorrow does not get any quieter.  We have 3 boats going out tomorrow with the whole gang taking divers and Dayna starting a few courses here in the office (with me assisting of course).

Those of you who are not in Koh Samui now should comne out as the weather now is what we are used to here.  Hot, dry, and sunny with no waves.  Perfect for diving and for my wakeboarding lesson tomorrow.  I hope I can keep all 4 paws on the board.

I’ll leave you with some pictures form the day again.  I hope you enjoy these and talk to you tomorrow.


Daily Woof January 22

Another beautiful day in Koh Samui.  In Fact, as soon as I get done writing my blog today I am heading down to the beach to work on my tan.  Unfortunately I had to stay home today while the gang got to go out and have fun on the boat and diving.  Well, at least i get a half day on the beach.

The gang had a good time going to Koh Tao today.  We went to Chumphon and shark island today and the conditions are getting better.  too bad we did not see ahy sharks today, but maybe tomorrow.

Tomorrow we got boats going to Chumphon, Koh Tao, and Sail Rock.  We even got divers tomorrow filming a documaentary.  I’ll have to make sure that I get my hair in order for tomorrow in case they want to take some shots of me.  Of course I am always cute anyway.

Ok, so it is off to the beach as this great day cannot be wasted being inside.  I will leave you with some of the pictures from today’s diving and talk to you tomorrow.




Daily Woof -January 21st

Wow, today was a hot one… There were a lot of sun-seekers on the beach with me, but apparently the shop was empty! I know I attract all the customers, but  I have to top that tan up, remember? I’ll be at the shop tomorrow as we have Don and his family diving with Dayna at Chumphon Pinnacle and then Koh Tao, the visibility’s been great lately -I really hope they have a “whale(shark)” of a time, I’ll keep my paws crossed for you guys… Remember, the best diving season is upon us NOW & you mustn’t miss out! Go to our website to see all our available dive packages & prices and keep up to date with any promotions, Koh Samui’s beautiful weather, warm water and great diving are waiting for you…