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Daily Woof -January 15th

Today,  Paulo & Rute finished their confined water session in the (slightly chilly) swimming pool, but at least it wasn’t full of people! It’s rained aaaaall night into the afternoon in Samui, lets hope tomorrow has better weather for their first Open Water dives.

I’m glad I’m in Chiang Mai, it’s dry up here (and not just because I am sat on the back of an elephant with Eric…)

While I’m away, why don’t you all have a go at this little puzzle; hidden in the grid are some fishy finds that you may well come across here in the Gulf of Thailand. Let me know if you find them all!

Anemone, Barracuda, Boxfish, Clam, Crab, Cucumber, Damsel, Eel, Gobi, Nudibranch, Octopus, Ray, Seahorse, Seasnake, Shark, Shrimp, Urchin, Whale, Worm.