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Archive for January 24, 2012

Daily Woof January 24

Another beautiful and busy day in Koh Samui.  Well it was only myself, Eric and Ead in the office today as Axel, Karl, Joe, and Claudio were on the boats today and Dayna was in the pool with some new open water students.

We had 3 boats out today and everyone had a great time as conditions are good and the sun is shining on everyone

Even with the 3 of us we did not get out of the office until 7:30.  In fact I couldn’t even get a chance to get to go to the bathroom in the afternoon.  I had to just pee in Karl’s coffee.  Funny how he didn’t complain about that………..

We had customers coming in all day to book diving and courses for the next few days and I was busy cleaning and packing equipment and setting up my new side business that we are having here at Discovery Divers.  I recently completed my Thai massage certification and will be giving massages to our customers here in the shop.  Of course I will have to charge more than the 2 handed version they offer at the other places.  And of course the only happy endings here are when our divers get out of the water after their dives.

Tomorrow we are rockin’ and rollin’ again with Karl, Dayna, Axel, Joe and Claudio all on the boats with a mix of fun divers, DSDs, and courses going on.  Hope I get some time to devote to my massages.

So come by and see us this week and get yourself in the water with Discovery