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Daily Woof and Weather January 17

What can I say.  I had another awesome day on the Discovery Divers boat today.  Today I assisted Anould with a couple of discover scuba diving students and what a ball I had.  You can see the picture below of me helping with the dive briefing.  So we went for our first dive in Mango Bay and it was really clear and I saw and tried to catch a bunch of fish.  Now I have perfected my fishing method of spotting them from the boat and then doing a surprise jump in the water to catch them off-guard.

The day was not only about me though.  We also had a few students doing their advanced course with Axel and Tao and Nik both had fun divers today.  We even saw a turtle at Twins today.  I could do this everyday and be happy.

We hit a lot of waves coming home though and it looks like that will be what is happening for the next few days.  That’s ok.  we have had pretty good weather up until now so a few days of waves won’t hurt us.  Guess it’s time for me to get the surfboard out.

Speaking of the weather, today was beautiful with a temperature of 32 and sunny all day.  Tomorrow is supposed to be sunny all day too, with a little bit of wind to cool us off.  I think I may head to the beach as it is my day off.

Bark at ya later,


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Daily Woof and Weather January 8

Wow!!!!  What a day.  I was on the boat again today and had the job of demonstrating boat rescues for a rescue diver course.  I scanned the water from the boat and as soon as I see a diver in trouble I spring into action and jump into the water to save them.  Good thing the guys got a bunch of pictures of me doing my job.  I even had to help Takashi who looked a little in trouble at one point.

As you can see, it was a tiring day and I had to take a little nap on the way back to Samui.

The whole day was a blast.  The weather was picture perfect, there were flat seas and the diving was great.  We are in prime season now and everyone should be diving with me and Discovery Divers.

The weather looks awesome for the next week with sunny skies and highs around 30-31.

Bark at ya later,


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Daily Woof and Weather January 7

Hey Everybody.  Still busy here at Discovery and I wanted to tell you all about our new homegrown program.

I am starting to grow my own vegetables for our great lunches on our boat.  So far I have planted beans, corn, coconut, mangoes and bananas in my yard that we will use for our lunches.  I have been spending much of my days taking care of my crops and some are ready to harvest already.  The only problem is my dad said I was watering the crops wrong.  I didn’t understand that I am supposed to use the water from the hose.  My leg was getting cramped anyway from lifting it so much.  What a relief!

The only thing we haven’t got going yet is the chickens.  I have tried, but every time I go to catch one to make the lunch, they run away.  I am going to have to watch Rocky III again and start training to catch them.  Anyone knows where Mickey is these days?

Other than that, the gang at Discovery Divers has still been rocking and rolling.  Today we are off to Sail Rock and also have PADI open water course starting in the shop.

The weather is perfect now.  It seems the monsoon is over and we got sunny skies and it is getting hotter everyday.  Today should be a high of 32 and there is no rain in sight in the forecast.  Great time to come out and dive with us.

I’ll leave you with some of the pictures of my farm so you can see what we are growing.

Bark at ya later,




Daily Woof and Weather January 1

Happy New Years to everyone.  Whoa, what a night last night!!  I went down to my favorite club, The Boneyard, last night for the doggie new year’s countdown and as they say here in Thailand I was “mao mak mak”  Forget about the fiscal cliff, I went over the Jaegermeister cliff last night.  I think I am still falling.

I took a much-needed day off today to recover, and then back to work tomorrow.  We have 30 divers tomorrow and I am needed as a dogmaster on our Discovery Boat.  We also have 3 students starting their PADI open water courses.

We ended up the year very busy and with great diving  and are starting out 2013 the same way.  Hopefully I will see a whaleshark tomorrow at Sail Rock.

We had some storms yesterday and this morning, but the weather is supposed to clear up and the waves and winds calming down this week.  Tomorrow is a high of 32 with partly sunny skies.

I hope nobody sees the picture of how I looked this morning after my late night.  I’ll kill someone if they out it into this post.

Bark at ya later,