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Daily Woof and Weather November 24

More whale sharks!!!  Today our divers saw a whale shark at Sail Rock and I heard there was another one at Chumphon Pinnacle.  Maybe they should change the name to Whale Rock?  Of course I missed it as i was grounded in the office today, but the good news is that our boat is back in the water after our November maintenance and ready to rock and roll again.  I have started doing my equipment checks already to get ready to go diving next week.  I can’t wait to get back in the water.
Not a bad day to be inside as it is raining right now, but at least the rain held off until both of our boats came back today.  We had a great day out there as Eric and Tao were on our sail rock boat and Joe was out to Koh Tao with Johhny and Hilva who completed their PADI open water courses today.  Congratulations guys.

Tomorrow we have divers for Koh Tao and some courses starting here in at the shop.  I can’t go on the boat tomorrow as some people have chartered it out for the day and I think they are cat people.  Yuck!

Well, the weather is typical November as it was only 30 degrees today and cloudy.  Tomorrow looks like a little bit of rain maybe and a high of 31.  Still a pretty good day.

Bark at ya later,



Daily Woof and Weather November 22

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!!  I am going to head to the market and see if I can find myself a turkey to eat tonight.  So, in the spirit of the holiday, I am going to give my list of somethings I am thankful for:

1.  I have a good job in this economy

2.  The trash can is accessable to me at the office

3.  Khun Ead leaves her coffee cup on the table sometimes and walks away

4.  Dad has not found the bottle of jaegermeister under my pillow

5.  I never have to put on winter clothes here

6.  I can sleep at work and no one bother me about it.  Kind of like Joe

7.  And especially that I can meet so many new friends everyday form all over the world here

Ok, back to the diving.  We had a great day today with Stella and Tao on the boat to Koh Tao.  Stella had fun divers and Tao had a couple of really nice girls for discover scuba diving.  I saw the pictures and they look like they’ve been doing it their whole life.  Meanwhile Joe was here with 2 PADI open water students and I assisted with the course.

Tomorrow, we are pretty busy again with Joe, Tao and Stella on the boats to Koh Tao and Sail Rock.

The weather was much better today with sunny skies and warm temps.  Tomorrow there is a chance of rain in the morning, and then supposed to clear up with no wind and no waves.  Great for diving.

Bark at ya later,



Daily Woof and Weather November 21

Well, this morning the weather was pretty crappy.  It rained so much that the Chaweng Beach road in front of my shop was a river.  I think I saw Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn going by at one point.  The good news is that the rain has stopped now and everything seems to be drying up pretty good.  We’re now getting our typical November weather so it’s not a big deal.  This of course has cut into my beach time significantly as the tides are a lot higher this time of year and there isn’t much of a beach left by my home.

We had divers today to Koh Tao, so hopefully it was drier on the boat trip out there.  They probably got wet during the dive though.  And, we got a pretty busy week coming up next week with a lot of PADI courses and fun divers.  I can’t wait to get back on the boat and go diving!!

As far as the weather goes, today seems pretty much a washout, and looks like some morning rain the next few days, but then clearing up for a few days.  The temperature is a little cool right now for Samui at 25.  The next few days should top out at about 30-31.

Bark at ya later,


Daily Woof and Weather November 18

Yes, I am working very hard today at the shop.  Not many people on the island now, but it seems whoever is here is gong diving.  Surprisingly, we are pretty busy for low season.  We have had divers everyday, but I have been stuck in the office.

My boat is out of the water for a couple of weeks while we do our maintenance.  the good news is that it should be back in the water next week and I can go diving again.

It is a little quiet in the office now as Claudio and Axel are both on vacation, so Joe and Stella have been working like crazy.

Well, I got to go back to my work as you can see by the picture.

The weather has been pretty good for November.  The high temps have been about 32 or so and we have had sporadic rain.  We had some this morning, but it has cleared up now and is sunny this afternoon.   they are calling for more rain tomorrow, but that is pretty typical for this time of year.  I guess I won’t have to go out and water the lawn.
Bark at ya later,


Daily Woof and Weather November 12

This is the evidence they had?  Sorry folks that I have not been able to write my blog for the last few days, but you all know my situation and we were put on lockdown for 4 days due to a riot here and I could not access the internet.

The good news is I’ve been spring from jail.  We all knew that this attempted rape charge was bogus.  I mean it was only a leg I humped.  Is there a law against that?  Probably is in the USA, but then again pretty much anything you do there is against the law.  Well, the judge looked at the evidence and let me out and now I can get back to my normal life here in Samui.

Unfortunately, the weather here today is less than perfect.  It is raining and we had some thunderstorms before, but actually now that I am looking outside the rain is letting up and it looks like our boats will be going today.

AS far as the weather goes, it looks like we will have off and on rain for the next week or so which is normal for this time of year, but it doesn’t look like any bad waves coming so the diving should be gong on as normal.

YOu can take a look at the evidence picture and decide for yourself if I should have been convicted.

Bark at ya later,


Daily Woof and Weather November 6

Day 8 in the dog jail.  I’m starting to find my way around here now.  Tong naam and Deng mo came to visit me the other day and they snuck in a whole bunch of milkbones.  This is prison currency here.  Because of this I have a little leg up (no pun intended) on choosing which prison gang I want to join.  I decided to go with the Huskies.  They offered the best protection and had some sway with the guards.  They also have all the cushy jobs in the kitchen.  Good news is we also control the prison yard.  Check out the picture below of me and Whitey hanging out during exercise time. I even got to change cells and now am with my new buddy Whitey.  I just hope he doesn’t want me for a girlfriend.  I don’t go that way.


Deng Mo gave me an update on the Discovery Divers gang and they have been real busy.  Even with Eric and Stella away.  Today was another full boat to Sail Rock and some discover scuba divers to Koh Tao also.  Tomorrow looks like another full boat to Sail Rock again.  Congratulations to Anton in completing his PADI open water diver course and to Santa and Neil on completing their PADI scuba diver course.  Tomorrow we have another advanced open water course starting also.

The weather is still looking great with a high tomorrow of 32 and sunny.  Looks that way for the next week.

Bark at ya later,



Daily woof and weather November 3

Well I am stuck here in doggy jail while the discovery divers team is crazy busy this week. You don’t want to know what I had to do to get to use the Internet.
It’s like the TV show Oz in here. You should see what goes on in the shower. It’s like a dog rape-athon. I was pretty lucky that I snuck in some milk ones in my but when I came in and have been able to use them for trade, but I’m starting to run low. I hope tong nam comes to visit me and can sneak more in. I’m too cute to be in prison. You see what happens in here to dogs that look like me. Should I join the Arian gang? (German Shepards).
Well, I got to make this quick as my time is almost up.
Hard to believe that this is low season as busy as they’ve been at discovery. We’ve had full boats almost everyday and on top had 3 PADI open water courses starting with Axel today.
The weather has been holding up great and looks good for the next week. Sunny with highs about 31.
Bark at ya later ( I hope),