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Daily Woof and Weather November 24

More whale sharks!!!  Today our divers saw a whale shark at Sail Rock and I heard there was another one at Chumphon Pinnacle.  Maybe they should change the name to Whale Rock?  Of course I missed it as i was grounded in the office today, but the good news is that our boat is back in the water after our November maintenance and ready to rock and roll again.  I have started doing my equipment checks already to get ready to go diving next week.  I can’t wait to get back in the water.
Not a bad day to be inside as it is raining right now, but at least the rain held off until both of our boats came back today.  We had a great day out there as Eric and Tao were on our sail rock boat and Joe was out to Koh Tao with Johhny and Hilva who completed their PADI open water courses today.  Congratulations guys.

Tomorrow we have divers for Koh Tao and some courses starting here in at the shop.  I can’t go on the boat tomorrow as some people have chartered it out for the day and I think they are cat people.  Yuck!

Well, the weather is typical November as it was only 30 degrees today and cloudy.  Tomorrow looks like a little bit of rain maybe and a high of 31.  Still a pretty good day.

Bark at ya later,



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