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Daily Woof and Weather November 6

Day 8 in the dog jail.  I’m starting to find my way around here now.  Tong naam and Deng mo came to visit me the other day and they snuck in a whole bunch of milkbones.  This is prison currency here.  Because of this I have a little leg up (no pun intended) on choosing which prison gang I want to join.  I decided to go with the Huskies.  They offered the best protection and had some sway with the guards.  They also have all the cushy jobs in the kitchen.  Good news is we also control the prison yard.  Check out the picture below of me and Whitey hanging out during exercise time. I even got to change cells and now am with my new buddy Whitey.  I just hope he doesn’t want me for a girlfriend.  I don’t go that way.


Deng Mo gave me an update on the Discovery Divers gang and they have been real busy.  Even with Eric and Stella away.  Today was another full boat to Sail Rock and some discover scuba divers to Koh Tao also.  Tomorrow looks like another full boat to Sail Rock again.  Congratulations to Anton in completing his PADI open water diver course and to Santa and Neil on completing their PADI scuba diver course.  Tomorrow we have another advanced open water course starting also.

The weather is still looking great with a high tomorrow of 32 and sunny.  Looks that way for the next week.

Bark at ya later,