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Another crossword to get your brains ticking… (click on ‘crossword2’ at the bottom)


1. The regulator (first stage) valve that Discovery Divers don’t use (unless a specific adapter is used.

5. Open (salt) water.

7. Spiky creature.

8. To leave the water.

9. Coral landscape.

10. The name of a famous animated fish (some of our friends have their home at Twin Peaks dive site).

11. Eagle… Blue Spotted… Manta…

12. The type of suit you might wear in colder water.

13. Controlled Emergency Swimming Ascent.

16. Used to see clearly underwater.

17. A breathing slit that a fish will have.

19. An underwater reptile.

20. …Samui, …Tao. In Thai it means ‘island’.

21. When checking your air, you look at your…?


1. To scuba.

2. A colourful creature that some divers are fanatical about.

3. Large sea mammal.

4. Something you try not to make a porcupine-fish do.

5. Some people use these vehicles to go underwater.

6. When we dive, we don’t propel ourselves with these limbs.

9. A pinnacle or mountain is usually made of this.

14. This animal is feared by many, but loved by nearly all divers.

15. Our air container.

16. This kind of diving is usually in sediment, mud or garbage.

18. You wouldn’t want to over-expand one of these, let alone both.


Daily Woof -24th Feb

Hey buddies!

A busy day in the office with some people checking in from the hotel to finalize their dive trips, some try dives with Papa Joe & Myself, and some equipment maintenance by Zee German. No divers today, but tomorrow we have 2 divers and 2 discover scuba divers, which should be a breeze! My plans to reek havoc are coming together nicely, so watch this space!

Meanwhile, here’s a crossword to keep you lot out of mischief…


1) Garden, Moray & Conger? 3) Enriched Air 5) You are sure to find Nemo in these? 6) Dive______; guide. 8) Measurement of pressure. 11) Small critter with it’s own enthusiasts. 12) Part of a fish used for propulsion. 13) Bottom of the ocean. 16) Wetsuit fabric. 17) Aquatic reptile. 18) An area of saltwater.


2) You might damage these if you hold your breath. 4) Cylinder for holding gas. 6) What water can visually do to objects. 7) Freshwater fish, popular in aquariums. 9) Not yolk (valves). 10) Flat creature with long, pointed tail. 14) The _____; nickname for DCS. 15) Vessel used for diving.


Daily Woof -January 15th

Today,  Paulo & Rute finished their confined water session in the (slightly chilly) swimming pool, but at least it wasn’t full of people! It’s rained aaaaall night into the afternoon in Samui, lets hope tomorrow has better weather for their first Open Water dives.

I’m glad I’m in Chiang Mai, it’s dry up here (and not just because I am sat on the back of an elephant with Eric…)

While I’m away, why don’t you all have a go at this little puzzle; hidden in the grid are some fishy finds that you may well come across here in the Gulf of Thailand. Let me know if you find them all!

Anemone, Barracuda, Boxfish, Clam, Crab, Cucumber, Damsel, Eel, Gobi, Nudibranch, Octopus, Ray, Seahorse, Seasnake, Shark, Shrimp, Urchin, Whale, Worm.