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Daily Woof and Weather October 29

Screwed again.  So my dad and Stella went of to Italy for a vacation today and as usual I get stuck in the dog hotel and can’t go with them.  I can’t believe it.  I love Italian food.  I probably have stolen more Italian food than any other kind in my life.  Of course you all have seen the movie Lady and the Tramp before with the Italian restaurant scene.  That movie was based on me.  I mean just look at it, the tramp looks just like me, just not as handsome of course.


So, I will try to get some blogs done here in the dog hotel while I am staying here, but we only have one computer here and I have to share it with all of the other dogs and they usually area all trying to get on Dogbook, or Dogspace, and all of those sites.


I did hear from the shop today though and they had another full boat going to Sail Rock today and the pictures I saw looked awesome.  We also had Joe going to Koh Tao with some PADI open water students.


Tomorrow looks like another busy day with the Discovery boat going to Sail Rock again and we have another speedboat going to Koh Tao with some discover scuba diving students.


As far as the weather goes we had another beautiful day here in Koh Samui with a high of 32 and sunny skies.  Looks like more of the same for the next few days.  I checked the weather for Milan where Eric and Stella are gong and the temperature is going to be 1 degree when they get in.   Serves them right.  I hope they freeze their asses off.


Bark at ya later,



Daily Woof and Weather October 27

What a night we had last night.  We had our housewarming BBQ and a lot of my friends showed up and the party went till about 1 am.  Way past my bedtime.  There was so much food for me that I actually got full for the first time in my life and stopped begging from everyone.  That will never happen again!!

I also have never seen so much booze consumed.  Except for the pictures from Mike Chan’s birthday party of course.  But I was as they say in Thai, mao mak mak.  I think pretty much everyone was.  I even passed out on the front balcony later in the night.  Of course I was feeling the pounding head when I got up this morning as I ha to get up early to go see the Discovery Divers boat off.

We had a full boat again going to Koh Tao and we had Axel, Tao, Em, and Nik with a big, cool group of divers.  Claudio was on the other boat to Sail Rock and they saw 2 whalesharks there today.  Pretty cool.  And last but not least, Joe was in the shop starting a couple of PADI open water courses.

Tomorrow we got a full boat again going to Sail Rock and Joe will be on a boat going to Koh Tao with his students.

Congratulations today to Gerry and Darcy in completing their PADI open water courses.

The weather looks great again for the next week with high temps around 31 and lots sunshine and calm seas.  What a great time to be diving with us.

Bark at ya later,


Daily Woof and Weather October 25

Yes, what a beautiful day here in Koh Samui and I was on the Discovery Divers boat to Koh Tao again.  I didn’t dive today as my job was snorkel guide, but I had a great time guiding the snorkelers today in Mango Bay and Twins.  I was really tired at the end of the day like everyone else.  You can see that in the pictures.

Also thanks to Ved and Vinay who brought me lunch today.  I got to eat my lunch on the beach.  I love those guys.

The rest of the Discovery gang had a great time with dives at Chumphon and Twins and Claudio was at the shop with some open water students.

Congratulations to Fabian and Michael in completing their advanced open water courses today.
The weather turned around today and was sunny and hot with a high of 32.  Looks like more of the same the nest few days.

Also, check out the video of the whaleshark Claudio took at Sail Rock yesterday.  it is on our facebook page you can reach from the website link next to my blog.

Bark at ya later,


Daily Woof and Weather October 24

Whalesharks!  Whalesharks!, That is all I am hearing the last few days.  They are everywhere and all our staff and customers are seeing them and I am either stuck in the office or stuck on the boat at Sail Rock because I am not allowed to swim there.

Yesterday the Discovery Divers gang saw 2 at Sail Rock.  today there were 3 at Chumphon Pinnacle (yes, 3!!).  Well, tomorrow I am on the Discovery Divers boat to Koh Tao so I am definitely diving tomorrow and will see some of this for myself.

Also, congratulations to Sanita in completing her advanced open water.  Her and Volfs dove with us for a few days and I even got to hang out with them on the boat.  They even come into the office everyday they are not diving to play with me.  I am going to miss them and hope they come back soon.

The weather for the last couple of days has been pretty crappy.  It was raining cats and me today and we decided not to go out diving.  Who wants to get hit in the head with a falling cat anyway.  The good news is that starting tomorrow it is supposed to be clearing up in the afternoon and then getting better from here on out with no rain in the forecast for the next few days.  Good thing because we got a full boat tomorrow and busy for the next 10 days or so.

Well, I better get a good nights sleep for my diving tomorrow and I’m sure to get you some great shots.

Bark at ya later,


Daily Woof and Weather October 20

Yes!!!  Another great day on the Discovery Divers boat.  Today I went with the gang to Sail Rock.  We had a full boat today so I made a lot of new friends and got to help out with everyone.  Unfortunately, I almost had a big problem there at Sail Rock.

I didn’t make the first dive as i needed to help on the boat, but I was trying to organize everything for lunch.  So, to be more efficient, when I saw divers coming up, I jumped off the boat and then asked them what they wanted for lunch.  It was fine until one diver who I didn’t see on the boat before said “you”.  Woops, I didn’t realize that there were sharks around, and much less one who came to order lunch.  Needless to say, I beat it out of the water and onto the boat pronto!!  Maybe I will have to go to Zico tonight and even the score and have myself some shark steak.  You can see a picture of this guy ordering lunch below.

Other than that it was a really fun day and I got to spend another day with my friend View on the boat.  I even sang my friend Joe a doggy lullaby to sleep on the way home so he could have some rest  Congratulations to Katherine on finishing her PADI open water course today and to Dan on completing his PADI nitrox course.

The weather looks pretty good for the next couple of days, but then maybe a little storm coming in on Tuesday night that might put a little damper on the weather for a day or two.

Bark at ya later,



Daily Woof and Weather October 19

I Can’t believe I missed today’s diving.  Here at Discovery Divers we had two boats out today.  One to Koh Tao and one to Sail Rock.  At sail rock we saw two whalesharks and a ton of bullsharks.  What was i doing?  Sleeping of course.  Well, this won’t happen tomorrow. I am going to get a good nights sleep and be on the Discovery Divers boat to Sail Rock tomorrow.  The weather looks good and I packed all my kit already so i am ready to go.

Congratulations to Salonie on completing her PADI rescue diver course yesterday and we got a bunch of courses coming up in the next week or so so I will be busy teaching.

The weather looks good for the next few days and then there could be some issues after.  Looks like some storms coming in starting Tuesday which is not unusual for this time of year, but we will have to wait and see what happens.  Meanwhile we will enjoy the great weather we are having now and the great diving.

Check out the great video Claudio took of the whale sharks today by clicking on the link to our site to the right of my blog and then clicking our facebook link at the bottom of our home page.

Bark at ya later,


Daily Woof and Weather October 16

I don’t know what is going on, but it seems like a bunch of B.S!!

I see my dad wake up early this morning and I wake up with him.  So, I am ready to go to work with him, but he tells me no work today that he needs to go and help clean the pool a the Amari.  I of course wanted no part of that at 6:00 am, so I went back to sleep.

Now I find out that the Discovery Divers gang all went out fun-diving at Sail Rock.  Eric, Joe, Tao, and their friend Seb all went for fun dives while Axel and Claudio had fun of their own with some really cool customers.  Why do I keep missing out on this kind of stuff.

If they don’t want me to know about this, then they probably should not post the pictures on Facebook.  I can see these you know.

So, after my dad got home and I bit him, He told me that I still cannot dive because I had to wait one week after my shots that I had.

I guess I can forgive him, but he better make it up to me with a lot of diving next week!

Well, low season is here so we are not crazy busy, but still busy enough.  Tomorrow Claudio has some fun-divers gong to Koh Tao, Axel has a rescue course and Joe has some divers doing a beach dive tomorrow.  I will have to work the office I guess with Khun Ead.

The weather looks beautiful again for tomorrow with a high of 32 and no rain or wind in the forecast.  I can get used to this weather.

Bark at ya later,


Daily Woof and Weather October 14

HI Everybody, this is Deng Mo.  I am a friend of Stoli’s  (his best friend I think) and he asked me to help him with the blog today as he was busy with a dive course.

Yes, we are just friends. For now at least.  he has never made a move on me.  I guess maybe I should tak matters into my own hands huh?  I’m a 21st century bitch!

Well, I don’t know a lot about diving as I don’t dive and am kind of fat and out of shape.  I wonder if that’s why they named me Deng Mo (means watermelon in English).  That could also be the reason I can’t get a date.  Would you name your daughter “watermelon”?  Even if her body kind of looked like one.

So I was hanging at the beach today like I do everyday and staring down the visitors for their food.  I can be pretty intimidating when I want to be.  I get a lot more food than Stoli does.  YOu know he tries the cute thing, but when you get me looking at you, you know I mean business.  I could play cute if I want, but then I’d have to exercise and lose weight and all that and too much work.

Other than that, it has been absolutely beautiful here in Koh Samui.  Everyday has been sunny, hot and no wind and waves.

You all should really come and visit.  And of course bring some food for me.  Don’t make me give you the mean stare!!

I’m sure Stoli will be back to writing his blog tomorrow when he gets finished with his diving.

Take it easy,

Deng Mo

Daily Woof and Weather October 12

Another great day on the boat with Discovery Divers.  Today I had my student View out for some training dives.  We couldn’t have picked a better day.  the sun was out all day and there were no waves at all.  We made it out very quick to the dive site and we were the first speedboat there as usual so we got to do our first dive without the crowds.

Unfortunately, I could not go in the water today as I had some shots yesterday and the doctor told me no swimming for one week.  Is he crazy?  Well, I took today off to be safe so I did the dive briefings in the boat and then when View was ready to jump off the boat I coached her from the back.  You can see and hear my coaching on the video we have on our facebook page.  You can reach it by using the link to our website on this page and click the facebook link at the bottom of our homepage.

Also, congratulations to Derek on completing his PADI open water course today and getting to see a whale shark on his 4th dive.  Figures that another whale shark shows up on a day when I can’t dive.

Tomorrow we got another full boat going to Koh Tao and it should be a great day.

The weather looks awesome the next bunch of days with highs around 32 and bright sunshine and no waves.  A great time to be diving.

Check out some of the pictures from today and the video on our facebook page.

Bark at ya later,



Daily Woof and Weather October 11

Well today I was back in the saddle teaching again.  My friend View wanted me to be her instructor for her PADI junior open water course.  I mean of course I am the most requested instructor on the island but I was able to find some time today to do her confined water training.  We had a great time and View was excellent here in the pool at the Amari hotel.

Unfortunately, I did not do as well teaching her the theory.  Maybe it is the language barrier since she speaks Thai and I only speak dog.  How come Max doesn’t stock the dog language open water manuals?

Tomorrow it is on to the open water training with View and I am really excited.  i packed up my gear bag already and am going to get a good nights sleep so i am ready to teach.

the weather tomorrow is supposed to be beautiful.  In fact, the forecast for the whole next week is for hot temperatures, sunny skies and no wind or waves.  Awesome. What a time to be diving with Discovery Divers.

Well, I am off to the doctor now as I need to get those stupid rabies and other shots.  I am not sure why as I don’t associate with those “rabid” type dogs.  We don’t let them hang around us.

I’ll leave you with some pictures of my training today and check out the fin pivot I taught her.

Bark at ya later,


Daily Woof and Weather October 8

Today my best friend in the world, View, came to visit me for a couple of weeks. I’m so excited to see her and I’m going to take her diving on Wednesday. Today ill just take her to the beach and we’ll go fishing and swimming. I’m going to let her sleep with be in my room at the new house and she will be here when my new furniture for the house comes tomorrow. Finally finished with that.
Time to relax and just do some diving (and chasing cats of course)
Well today we did not go our on the boats due to the high waves, but we have a few students starting their PADI open water courses today and tomorrow the waves are supposed to be way down so we can go back out on the boats.
The weather today is really nice with a temp of about 32 and a nice breeze. Tomorrow and the next few days should be warm and sunny.
Bark at ya later,



Daily Woof and Weather October 6

Well folks, today I took most of the day off as it is Stella’s birthday today so I wanted to spend the day with her. Look how happy she is with the presents I got her. Somehow my day off ended up being back in the office as we were busy on the boats today and Stella had to work. What a great way of spending your birthday working in a dive shop. I think everyone should do that on their birthdays. We wouldn’t even charge you for it.

So I asked her if I could take her out tonite for her birthday to the dogpound. She did not give me an answer right away, but she did not look too enthusiastic. I mean come on, what better place to celebrate your birthday? You can have a bowl of Jaeger bombs, or a bowl of tequila, lots of places to pee, I mean come on?

The one thing I am sure about is that she loved the presents I got her for her birthday. I definitely know how to shop!! You can see by the picture below.

The diving today was fantastic. We had some discover scuba divers and fun divers to Koh Tao with Claudio and Tao, and fundivers to Sail Rock with Axel. They got to swim with a whale shark for over 20 minutes today at Sail Rock. Wish I was there.

As far as the weather goes, looks like we are getting a storm in from the Vietnam side, so we are not going to be diving tomorrow (woo hoo, another day off), and some rain for a couple of days, but then it will start calming down on Monday and next week looks great.

Bark at ya later,


Daily Woof and Weather October 5

I love having my own boat.  No more sitting at home while everyone else has fun.  Today i got to go to Sail Rock with a full boat of new friends.  Another great day as usual.  Of course I am not allowed to swim anymore when we go to Sail Rock because Eric says I can end up as shark food, so I hang on the boat and entertain all the customers.  I did sneak in a quick dip today, but I was ordered out of the water right away.  If I cant’ get in the water who will check up on all of the divers?

I guess it’s better to not get eaten.  We also had a boat to Koh Tao today with some honeymooners trying diving for the first time.  They had a great time too.

Tomorrow we have boats gong again to Koh Tao and to Sail Rock. I think I am going to take the day off as I need to get a haircut and my nails done.  (no I am not a ladydog)

Here are some pictures today of me giving everyone some of my time and doing one of my dive briefings.

Looks like we may have some rain the net couple of d
Bark at ya later,


Daily Woof and Weather October 4

Yes, today I got to go diving again.  What a great day on my Discovery boat to Koh Tao.  We had a charter group from China with fundivers and discover scuba divers.  I did the briefing for all the divers and then did my usual diver check in the water.  After all the divers go in I go and make sure all of them are ok before diving.  Today I even learned how to use the stairs at the back of the boat to get back on the boat all by myself.

Of course after the big day I had to take a little rest on the way home with my new best friend Li.  You can see that picture also

There is video of today’s adventures on the Discovery facebook page.  You can reach the page by going to the link at the bottom of our website at

We also had another group of divers today to Koh Tao on another speedboat with Axel.  You can also check out the video of me saving Axel in the water.

The storm that was going to hit us looks like it is not going to be so bad, so I will be taking the boat tomorrow out to Sail Rock and we have another boat going to Koh Tao.

Check out my pictures below also.

Bark at ya later,


Daily Woof and Weather October 3

What a day the gang had on the boat today.  I can’t believe that I slept in today.  The gang took the Discovery Boat to Southwest Pinnacles and Sail Rock.  Since almost no boats ever go to Southwest the gang was the only boat there and they had the whole dive site to themselves.  That is especially cool since they got to swim the whole dive with 2 whalesharks.  After Southwest they decided to change the original the original plan and go over to Sail Rock for the second dive.  What a good idea that was.  Sail Rock was awesome!!  There was a ton of stuff to see there today and all the divers were ecstatic by the end of the day.   I am definitely not missing out on tomorrow!!

The weather today was great with sunny skies and hot.  Looks like the same for tomorrow.

I’ve got to go now and pack my dive bag for tomorrow.

Bark at ya later,


Daily Woof and Weather October 1

Whoa, what a night!  It’s 9 AM and I just got back from the full moon party last night.  What was in those mushroom shakes?  Thank God we did not run our boat today as it is always quiet the day after full moon.  I know that there is no way I could be diving today.  i mean just look at me in the picture someone just took.  Do I look like I am in any shape to dive?  And I look the best out of all the people I have seen.

I will definitely stay home today and sleep and recover because I am scheduled to take 3 advanced open water canines tomorrow to Sail Rock on our boat.  We are almost full already for tomorrow as well as have PADI rescue courses starting tomorrow in our pool also.  I hope our cook remembers to put kibble in the lunch for the boat tomorrow.  If not I guess we can eat the people food.

The weather today is beautiful form what I see.  Sunny and hot.  The next two days are supposed to stay sunny and warm with high temps of around 31-32.

Well, I am gong back to bed.

Bark at ya later,