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Daily Woof and Weather October 16

I don’t know what is going on, but it seems like a bunch of B.S!!

I see my dad wake up early this morning and I wake up with him.  So, I am ready to go to work with him, but he tells me no work today that he needs to go and help clean the pool a the Amari.  I of course wanted no part of that at 6:00 am, so I went back to sleep.

Now I find out that the Discovery Divers gang all went out fun-diving at Sail Rock.  Eric, Joe, Tao, and their friend Seb all went for fun dives while Axel and Claudio had fun of their own with some really cool customers.  Why do I keep missing out on this kind of stuff.

If they don’t want me to know about this, then they probably should not post the pictures on Facebook.  I can see these you know.

So, after my dad got home and I bit him, He told me that I still cannot dive because I had to wait one week after my shots that I had.

I guess I can forgive him, but he better make it up to me with a lot of diving next week!

Well, low season is here so we are not crazy busy, but still busy enough.  Tomorrow Claudio has some fun-divers gong to Koh Tao, Axel has a rescue course and Joe has some divers doing a beach dive tomorrow.  I will have to work the office I guess with Khun Ead.

The weather looks beautiful again for tomorrow with a high of 32 and no rain or wind in the forecast.  I can get used to this weather.

Bark at ya later,


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