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Daily Woof and Weather October 1

Whoa, what a night!  It’s 9 AM and I just got back from the full moon party last night.  What was in those mushroom shakes?  Thank God we did not run our boat today as it is always quiet the day after full moon.  I know that there is no way I could be diving today.  i mean just look at me in the picture someone just took.  Do I look like I am in any shape to dive?  And I look the best out of all the people I have seen.

I will definitely stay home today and sleep and recover because I am scheduled to take 3 advanced open water canines tomorrow to Sail Rock on our boat.  We are almost full already for tomorrow as well as have PADI rescue courses starting tomorrow in our pool also.  I hope our cook remembers to put kibble in the lunch for the boat tomorrow.  If not I guess we can eat the people food.

The weather today is beautiful form what I see.  Sunny and hot.  The next two days are supposed to stay sunny and warm with high temps of around 31-32.

Well, I am gong back to bed.

Bark at ya later,






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