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Daily Woof and Weather October 6

Well folks, today I took most of the day off as it is Stella’s birthday today so I wanted to spend the day with her. Look how happy she is with the presents I got her. Somehow my day off ended up being back in the office as we were busy on the boats today and Stella had to work. What a great way of spending your birthday working in a dive shop. I think everyone should do that on their birthdays. We wouldn’t even charge you for it.

So I asked her if I could take her out tonite for her birthday to the dogpound. She did not give me an answer right away, but she did not look too enthusiastic. I mean come on, what better place to celebrate your birthday? You can have a bowl of Jaeger bombs, or a bowl of tequila, lots of places to pee, I mean come on?

The one thing I am sure about is that she loved the presents I got her for her birthday. I definitely know how to shop!! You can see by the picture below.

The diving today was fantastic. We had some discover scuba divers and fun divers to Koh Tao with Claudio and Tao, and fundivers to Sail Rock with Axel. They got to swim with a whale shark for over 20 minutes today at Sail Rock. Wish I was there.

As far as the weather goes, looks like we are getting a storm in from the Vietnam side, so we are not going to be diving tomorrow (woo hoo, another day off), and some rain for a couple of days, but then it will start calming down on Monday and next week looks great.

Bark at ya later,