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Archive for October 11, 2012

Daily Woof and Weather October 11

Well today I was back in the saddle teaching again.  My friend View wanted me to be her instructor for her PADI junior open water course.  I mean of course I am the most requested instructor on the island but I was able to find some time today to do her confined water training.  We had a great time and View was excellent here in the pool at the Amari hotel.

Unfortunately, I did not do as well teaching her the theory.  Maybe it is the language barrier since she speaks Thai and I only speak dog.  How come Max doesn’t stock the dog language open water manuals?

Tomorrow it is on to the open water training with View and I am really excited.  i packed up my gear bag already and am going to get a good nights sleep so i am ready to teach.

the weather tomorrow is supposed to be beautiful.  In fact, the forecast for the whole next week is for hot temperatures, sunny skies and no wind or waves.  Awesome. What a time to be diving with Discovery Divers.

Well, I am off to the doctor now as I need to get those stupid rabies and other shots.  I am not sure why as I don’t associate with those “rabid” type dogs.  We don’t let them hang around us.

I’ll leave you with some pictures of my training today and check out the fin pivot I taught her.

Bark at ya later,