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Daily Woof and Weather October 4

Yes, today I got to go diving again.  What a great day on my Discovery boat to Koh Tao.  We had a charter group from China with fundivers and discover scuba divers.  I did the briefing for all the divers and then did my usual diver check in the water.  After all the divers go in I go and make sure all of them are ok before diving.  Today I even learned how to use the stairs at the back of the boat to get back on the boat all by myself.

Of course after the big day I had to take a little rest on the way home with my new best friend Li.  You can see that picture also

There is video of today’s adventures on the Discovery facebook page.  You can reach the page by going to the link at the bottom of our website at

We also had another group of divers today to Koh Tao on another speedboat with Axel.  You can also check out the video of me saving Axel in the water.

The storm that was going to hit us looks like it is not going to be so bad, so I will be taking the boat tomorrow out to Sail Rock and we have another boat going to Koh Tao.

Check out my pictures below also.

Bark at ya later,