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Stoli’s Koh Samui diving Woof and weather

Wow, sorry folks that I haven’t had time to do a post in ages.  I’ve been very busy with high season and working on a top secret project.  Man, has it been busy here at Discovery.  Since I last wrote my blog we have added new staff so that we can still offer that very small group experience.  Now our instructors are the the same group of Eric (Dad), Axel (Germany), Joe (France), Claudio (Italy), Tao (Thai), Nick (Thai) Arno (France), Tak (Japan), Nicola (Germany) and Allie (USA).  We have been running two boats full everyday now that high season is in full swing and I have been working my tail off greeting all of the customers and selling those cool t-shirts with the handsome guy on it.

At least I got to go out and do some diving on Monday to Sail Rock.  It was great being on the boat again.  Looks like I scared the sharks away from Sail Rock.  One growl from me and they all swam away like little babies.

We hope the weather will start cooperating as it is now raining cats and me out there.  I don’t even feel like going outside to make my poo.  Does anyone know a good site on the internet that could teach me how to use a toilet?

Looks like we got a few more days of unsettled weather with nice days and a little rain in the afternoon.  I’ll try to get some time tomorrow to let you know what is going on and maybe let you in on my secret project.


Bark at ya later,