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Daily Woof December 30

Woof Woof Woof,

Another busy day.  I know it is starting to sound like a broken record, but not only were we busy today, but the weather was beautiful here in Samui.  I got up early for my day and the crabs were everywhere on the beach.  I was able to catch a bunch and have my breakfast before my big day at work

Today was another busy all around day.  Karl and Eric were teaching theory and confined water to open water students, then Eric was in the pool with try divers.  Dana was with fun divers to Koh Tao and Axel had a bunch of fun DSDs in Koh Tao also.  I stayed in the office working on the computer with Ead and with the nice weather we sold a bunch of masks and snorkels.  I hope I get commision………

Tomorrow we are rockin and rollin again with a group of DSD, open water students, and fun divers.  We are running two boats again tomorrow for out final trip of the year.  I really want to get done early so I can get some rest before my big New Year’s Eve night.

While my dad goes out, I am going to throw a rager at the house.  Tong Nam and Dang Mo are coming over and have invited a lot of the other dogs from Choeng Mon beach.  Dang Mo says she has someone on the inside at Catcandoo and can get all the left over bones from the nights rib dinners.  Between that and the tequila in the house (I know where it is hidden) it’s gonna be a big night.

Good thing we all have the day off on Sunday so I can sleep off my bone hangover.

See ya tomorrow,


Daily Woof -December 29th

Karl, Dayna and Axel went diving at the famous Sail Rock today with a giant moray, schools of barracudas & fusilliers and loads of other fishy finds for company! Also a big well done to Jan and Abhay for completing their Open Water Diver course today, congrats & keep diving guys!

As for me, I stayed home today and sent Eric to the dive centre, all the attention I’ve been getting lately has taken it’s toll -my tail is hurting from wagging too much.. I’m sure I’ll be fine by tommorrow.

Below are the pictures from yesterday’s fun day on the boat.  I can’t believe they have this much fun and did not take me  😦


Daily Woof -December 28th

What a day! There wasn’t even room for me on the boat to Koh Tao today.. it was so busy!

Marco started his Advanced Open Water Diver course (after over 150 logged dives!); Jan, Abhay, Henry & Gemma completed their Open Water Dives 1 & 2;  Nisa and her family & friends came along for a couple of fun dives, with her daughter Napin completing her Open Water certificate; Alicia, Cindy & Kevin also gained the Open Water Diver status (congratulations guys)! Trent & Patrick joined us for the fun-diving too and last but not least, Ian and his girlfriend went to Sail Rock for the day with the tour boat. The sun shone for everyone too which made it all the more fun, let’s hope it stays that way…

Pictures will follow shortly, so keep your eyes peeled!


Daily Woof December 27

Had all my dive gear packed and ready to go for tomorrow.  We already confirmed Rover, Lucky, Brutus and Fido for their open water course which I was going to teach and then they told me there’s no room on the boat for us.  What’s up with that?

There’s gonna be some unhappy customers.  They said I can give them all a bone to reschedule.  But hey, what about me?  I was all psyched to go diving tomorrow.

I guess it’s ok, because Ead is going to need some help in the office as we are running two boats tomorrow and Eric, Karl, Dayna, Axel, Anot, and Dan will all be busy as we got 8 open water courses, advanced open water courses and bunch of fun divers on the boats tomorrow.  So it will just be me and Ead in the shop.  I should really start working on commision instead of working just for treats.

Good news is that the waves are supposed to quiet down for the next few days.  I think the guys will be able to hit some new spots for diving.

So, looks like another busy day and busy week so I’d better get some rest.  I’ll leave you with a picture from today of Axel explaining to his divers that when you pack up your dive bag the fins have to be in the same direction and no more than 1 cm apart.

Talk to you later,


"The fins must be lined up in the same direction in your bag!! "do not make a violation of the German bag packing code"

Daily Woof December 26

Happy Boxing Day,

Wow, what a Christmas I had.  When I woke up yesterday I had a bunch of new toys, bones and treats waiting for me.

After my day off I was just itching to get back to work (or maybe it was fleas), and boy was it busy!!  Today we had open water students, scuba reviews and customers in the shop all day buying equipment.  I was selling my tail off.

Unfortunately, it was so busy that we are sold out now for the next 3 days of diving.  We are so busy on Wednesday that I am going to have teach some divers myself.  Tomorrow everyone is so busy that I will be in charge of the shop.  If you want a discount I suggest that you bring in some bones or treats and I’ll see what I can do for you

Well, I’m gong to go get some rest as I just got home from work now and need ot be in the shop early tomorrow.  We’ll talk to you all tomorrow.




taking a little break

Daily Woof December 24

Ho Ho Ho,

Merry Christmas to everyone.  We had a busy Christmas eve day here at the office.  I really had my selling shoes on.  We sold more equipment today than any day in the whole month.  I guess people are really getting excited about diving next week, or maybe I am just too cute to say no to.

We also had our busiest day so far selling T-shirts.  You know the ones with the handsome guy on it.  (see pictures)

On top of that, we worked out a great last minute holiday dive and stay package with the Amari hotel after constant begging from me.  These are for two person with limimted availability through January 2

4 nights plus open water course     28,000

4 nights plus advanced open water course    26,000

That is almost 1/2 the normal price.

Well, I can go out and celebrate with everyone else in Samui tonight as our shop will be closed tomorrow for the Christmas holiday and I don’t need to wake up early.  We will be back open on Monday.

I hope Santa leaves some calm winds under the tree and Merry Christmas to all of you.

All the best to everyone,



Daily Woof December 23

Hey Everyone,

I was out late doing some holiday partying and i can’t believe I overslept and missed the boat today.

The whole gang was on the boat today and had so much fun and i had to stay in the office.  What a jip!!

Today Eric, Karl, Dayna, Axel, Rich, Ano and Dan took our a full boat of divers today including 10 DSDs and Team Australia.  I saw that pictures from the day and am kicking myself for sleeping in.

Also today, Jason completed his open water course and Marcus finished his fish ID specialty and earned his PADI Master Scuba Diver certification with us.

Well, tomorrow we have a boat going to Sail Rock and then we are going to take a day off on Christmas to let everyone spend it with their families.  I hope I find a bunch of new bones and treats in my stocking on Sunday.

I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from myself and the team at Discovery Divers.