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Daily Woof

Hey People!

Well, here goes.. this is my first ever public blog, and boy, do we have some bones to throw!

Dive centre owner Eric has just returned from Bangkok with a brand new truck, which will be used for transporting our equipment to and from the jetties and piers here in Samui. Unfortunately, Eric is about as good a driver as me, and Bangkok is not the place to be driving a brand new truck if you are used to driving on the other side of the road (New York) in an automatic! Anyway, the truck (and Eric) arrived back in Koh Samui a few days ago and is undergoing a Discovery makeover (the truck, not Eric)..

Talking of makeovers, the kit-room has undergone a great transformation by Axel, our German instructor. I’m sure that man has OCD, but our equipment store has never looked so organized! We have some new equipment too, which will come in handy for the busy season ahead..

Karl & Axel both took some divers out to Koh Tao yesterday and considering that the weather wasn’t in our favor, they still enjoyed a great couple of dives at Twins & White Rock. Axel spotted a Ghost Pipefish (extremely tricky critters to spot) with his two fun divers, as well as the usual array of White Eyed Morays, Blue Spotted Stingrays and a pair of Triggerfish (which strangely, Axel seems to think are gay.. I didn’t ask)!

“I hate having my photo taken…”


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