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Archive for December 17, 2011

Daily Woof

Hey everyone,

What a day here in Samui.  It was raining cats and people  this morning, but then the rain stopped but still very windy and big waves.  We didn’t go diving today as it really was not safe.  This of course gave me the opportunity to grab my board and hang 20 our there in Choeng Mon beach.  I was catching some big waves dude.  You should have seen me.

After surfing I still had time to check up on what was going on at the shop.  Eric, Karl, Axel and Ead were busy getting everything scheduled for the upcoming days and getting good with the new diving software program that we just installed.  This program will help keep things very organized and run very smooth in the mornings when we are diving.  They also had a busy day selling equipment and those t-shirts they sell with the cool and handsome guy on them.

Well, now it is off ot pick up my tuxedo as tonight is the Discovery Divers staff dinner and drinks extravaganza in Chaweng.  I am so excited that I have already picked out my order:  2 steaks, one chicken, some calamari and for dessert a big bowl of vanilla ice cream.

After that we are all heading down to the heart of Chaweng for some partying.  If you are in Chaweng, feel free to join us.  Of course I will be the one surrounded by all the bitches (I can say that, being a dog).  Eric already gave me the day off tomorrow to sleep in so watch out tonight!!

OK people so I am on my way and then take a nap (yes, another one) to rest up for tonight.

I’ll talk to you again tomorrow although my blog may be a little later in the day.

Bye bye,



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