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Daily Woof December 30

Woof Woof Woof,

Another busy day.  I know it is starting to sound like a broken record, but not only were we busy today, but the weather was beautiful here in Samui.  I got up early for my day and the crabs were everywhere on the beach.  I was able to catch a bunch and have my breakfast before my big day at work

Today was another busy all around day.  Karl and Eric were teaching theory and confined water to open water students, then Eric was in the pool with try divers.  Dana was with fun divers to Koh Tao and Axel had a bunch of fun DSDs in Koh Tao also.  I stayed in the office working on the computer with Ead and with the nice weather we sold a bunch of masks and snorkels.  I hope I get commision………

Tomorrow we are rockin and rollin again with a group of DSD, open water students, and fun divers.  We are running two boats again tomorrow for out final trip of the year.  I really want to get done early so I can get some rest before my big New Year’s Eve night.

While my dad goes out, I am going to throw a rager at the house.  Tong Nam and Dang Mo are coming over and have invited a lot of the other dogs from Choeng Mon beach.  Dang Mo says she has someone on the inside at Catcandoo and can get all the left over bones from the nights rib dinners.  Between that and the tequila in the house (I know where it is hidden) it’s gonna be a big night.

Good thing we all have the day off on Sunday so I can sleep off my bone hangover.

See ya tomorrow,