Regular updates from Stoli (the world's only "Scubadog").

Daily Woof

Well, so much for the rain. They predicted rain all day and it never came. Now it is nice and sunny out. I think I’ll go to the beach and play ball.

I’ve been busy today booking divers for Koh Tao tomorrow and a bunch of courses for next week. I’m even teaching a course myself next week.  2 Golden Retrievers, a Labrador and a mutt. They all can swim, but I hope they can equalize their ears (especially the retriever with those big ears…)

From what I see on the calender, if any of you are looking to book diving in the next month, you really should get in touch with us soon.  Being the top dive shop on the island and only taking small groups, we are starting to fill up fast. If I’m not available for teaching or fun diving, you can always ask for Eric, Karl, Axel or Dayna.  I taught them everything I know.

Talk to you tomorrow.




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