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Daily Woof December 21

Hi Folks,

Another day that I was so busy I am only getting to write my blog now.  It’s so much fun when we are busy.  There are people in the shop all day to play with, and then when the boats start coming back there are even more people.  I actually chewed through my ball today because I was playing so much.

Also at our shop now we are showing and selling marine life art from our instructor Dayna.  The pictures are really good and I was showing some of our guests the pictures today  (see picture).  I’ll show you some of these tomorrow.

Congratulations to Marcus who completed his navigation specialty course today.  He is doing his Fish ID specialty on Friday with Eric and then he will have completed his Master Scuba Diver certification.  We’ve got two boats going out tomorrow with fun divers and courses and then Friday we are actually full already.

Tomorrow is supposed to be sunny all day so come check me out on the beach behind our shop at the Amari.

Talk to you later,



Stoli showing some people Dayna's artwork






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