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Daily Woof December 20

What up peeps?

Another busy day here at Discovery Divers.   There were so many people in the shop today that I never got to take my usual nap.

High season is definitely here now.  Dayna was out with Peter and Candy in Koh Tao, Axel was doing open water course, Eric was conducting a navigation specialty course and Karl was in the pool with try divers.  Karl got so busy at one point that I decided to jump in the pool to help (see photo), unfortunately the management at the Amari did not seem to appreciate my help in the pool and made me get out.  Jeez, it’s not like I do the things I see the little kids do in the pool!!

Since I was not welcome in the pool I went out to the beach where Eric was with our customer Marcus practicing land navigation.

By the time the day was done I had already helped book 10 DSD’s (Discover scuba divers), a few open water courses, and fun divers.  We got a really busy rest of the week ahead of us.  I was so tired that I snuck out of work and went home without finishing.  I guess I can finish up my work in the morning.

I’m real excited tomorrow too as we are on the boat with open water courses, specialty courses and fun divers.  I’ll hang out and give Dayna and Ead a hand in the office tomorrow and maybe get a break to go to the beach.

Well, time to get some sleep so i can be rested for another busy day tomorrow.

Talk to you later,


Hang on Karl. I'll take a couple of divers