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Daily Woof December 27

Had all my dive gear packed and ready to go for tomorrow.  We already confirmed Rover, Lucky, Brutus and Fido for their open water course which I was going to teach and then they told me there’s no room on the boat for us.  What’s up with that?

There’s gonna be some unhappy customers.  They said I can give them all a bone to reschedule.  But hey, what about me?  I was all psyched to go diving tomorrow.

I guess it’s ok, because Ead is going to need some help in the office as we are running two boats tomorrow and Eric, Karl, Dayna, Axel, Anot, and Dan will all be busy as we got 8 open water courses, advanced open water courses and bunch of fun divers on the boats tomorrow.  So it will just be me and Ead in the shop.  I should really start working on commision instead of working just for treats.

Good news is that the waves are supposed to quiet down for the next few days.  I think the guys will be able to hit some new spots for diving.

So, looks like another busy day and busy week so I’d better get some rest.  I’ll leave you with a picture from today of Axel explaining to his divers that when you pack up your dive bag the fins have to be in the same direction and no more than 1 cm apart.

Talk to you later,


"The fins must be lined up in the same direction in your bag!! "do not make a violation of the German bag packing code"