Regular updates from Stoli (the world's only "Scubadog").

Daily Woof

Hey everyone.  Another busy day at the shop supervising Eric and Axel.  These guys were making sure everything is ready for the busy season coming up very soon.  I saw the schedule and looks like we are going to get real busy in the next week or so.

I also found out the news that our instructor Joe just had a baby boy, Gihan (well his girlfriend did).  One Baby?….. What’s that about?  All my friends have 5,6,7 at a time!!!  I’m just looking forward to meeting the little guy when he gets to Samui.  Who better than me to show him the ropes out here.

Well, I better get some rest as starting this weekend I’ll be working my tail off greeting all the divers and keeping everyone in line.

Talk to you tomorrow,


Huh? Who took this picture. I was working, I swear!!

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