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Daily Woof -28th Feb

Joke of the day (I probably won’t do this everyday, but I chuckled at this one): What do you call a fish with no eyes?

…A Fsh.


Sorry I haven’t posted for a few days, but it’s been super busy here and i’m sure there are Gremlins in the office computer making it run (or should I say walk) reeeally slowly.

We’ve had fun-divers going out on the boats and coming into the office; students starting, finishing and checking in for their courses (well done Lisa for completing your PADI Open Water course with Karl today); equipment being ordered and sold like the world is gonna end and lots of photo CD’s being sold now the visibility and weather have improved. The water is warming up fast now to around 28-29 degrees C, so it’s time to pack the long wetsuit away and dig out my doggie-boardies (if I can remember where I buried them…)

Anyway, I’ll write again tomorrow.


Daily Woof and Weather -25th Feb

Today saw two more people take their first breaths underwater at Mango Bay and Twins in Koh Tao -Roz from Ireland and Karolina from Poland. They were both brought into the dive centre by their friends who were already certified divers -Connor and Geraldine. Roz & Karolina were a little nervous, well, actually they were a lot nervous! But by the end of the day Karl had the two of them hooked -diving is so much fun and so easy (if a dog can do it…)

Here’s some photos from the day…


Daily Woof -24th Feb

Hey buddies!

A busy day in the office with some people checking in from the hotel to finalize their dive trips, some try dives with Papa Joe & Myself, and some equipment maintenance by Zee German. No divers today, but tomorrow we have 2 divers and 2 discover scuba divers, which should be a breeze! My plans to reek havoc are coming together nicely, so watch this space!

Meanwhile, here’s a crossword to keep you lot out of mischief…


1) Garden, Moray & Conger? 3) Enriched Air 5) You are sure to find Nemo in these? 6) Dive______; guide. 8) Measurement of pressure. 11) Small critter with it’s own enthusiasts. 12) Part of a fish used for propulsion. 13) Bottom of the ocean. 16) Wetsuit fabric. 17) Aquatic reptile. 18) An area of saltwater.


2) You might damage these if you hold your breath. 4) Cylinder for holding gas. 6) What water can visually do to objects. 7) Freshwater fish, popular in aquariums. 9) Not yolk (valves). 10) Flat creature with long, pointed tail. 14) The _____; nickname for DCS. 15) Vessel used for diving.


Daily Woof -23rd Feb

It’s a dog’s life ain’t it?

Eric went back to the States yesterday for a break, leaving me here with Stella (he knows how much I love skiing!). I made a big fuss when he left with my best puppy-dog eyes, then as soon as he got on that plane, I pooped on the departure lounge carpet -I am gonna do whatever I fancy while he’s away so when he hears how naughty I’ve been, he’ll never try going off without me again!

As for the diving; Karl, Joe & Axel were on the boats today. Karl & Joe went to Chumphon Pinnacle, while Axel went to Sail Rock. Visibility is slowly improving there as it has been pretty murky for a few weeks now, while Koh Tao has seen some great diving.

I don’t have any pictures today, but I’ll try and put some on tomorrow for you (of the diving I mean, not the present I left at Samui airport…)

Speak to you tomorrow,


Daily Woof and Weather February 21

Another big and busy day here at Discovery.  Of course as busy as we were in the office, I found time to go swimming all afternoon on the beach.  Can’t have all work and no play.

So today, We had Martha finishing here open water course with Karl.  Congratulations to her. We also had J.P finish his advanced open water course.  Besides that we had Dayna with open water students and lots of fun divers on the boat today.

Also congratulations to Axel in completing his BSAC equipment technician course.  Now we have an in-house technician to service all of our equipment. Of course I thought that job was mine!

For tomorrow another busy day with Axel, Karl, Joe, Dayna and Claudio all on the boats.

As for the weather, another beautiful day on tap for tomorrow.  Sunny skies and high of 32 degrees.  Looks like I’m gonna have to cool off in the sea again.

I’ll leave you with a picture from yesterday of Joe and Catherine riding a dinosaur.  Boy is that dinosaur lucky that I wasn’t there.  I would have chased him all the way over to Cambodia.  Also, for those of you who don’t think I work,  here is a picture of me writing the blog today.

Have a good night and bark at ya later.


Daily Woof and Weather February 20

Happy Presidents Day everyone!!  Woops, forgot where I was.  Guess nobody here really cares about that holiday.  Lets face it, no one cares in the US either, except they get the day off.  Well, I can’t afford to take a day off here now in Samui as we are so busy this week even I am doing try dives in the pool.  Unfortunately management here at the Amari put a stop to that.  At least I didn’t pee in the pool like the little kids.

Unfortunately, Eric saw fishing nets at Chumphon Pinnacle today.  They are not supposed to fish there as this is a dive site where the fish should flourish for our enjoyment.  We cut down as much as we could during the dive to save some fish.  You can see in the pictures how disturbing this can be.

Well, we are busy.  Congratulations today to Stella on completing her advanced open water course.  Also congratulations to the Schmidt family on their first day diving.  Dayna was busy in the pool with 2 new open water students and Joe was starting a new advanced open water course.

Tomorrow we have a full house again going to Koh Tao with open water students, advanced students and fun divers.  We are also full for Wednesday already.  Can’t wait until my bonus comes this month.  There better be a full case of Dentabones for me.

Wow, just writing the blog here at 7:00 I just sold 3 more t-shirts.  I am the Top Dog!!

As far as the weather goes, looks like the rain is over.  Tomorrow is calling for sunny skies and a high of 32 degrees.  I think I will need to go cool off in the water tomorrow.  Well, off to finish my work and go home.  I will leave you some great pictures of the diving today.  How come I can’t have fun like these guys?

Bark at ya later,



Daily woof and Weather February 19

What up?

Well, we have rain again here today in Samui which messed up my plans to look for chicks on the beach today, but the good news is that the shop was very busy today with divers that I got to play all day.  I think I had a great day anyway.

As I said, we were so busy today, that we are already full for Monday and Tuesday.  Today, Joe was on the boat to Sail Rock with Joelle and Marta.  Dayna was in the pool with Jean Phillipe and Catherine doing scuba review before they start their advanced courses tomorrow, and Karl was doing an open water course.  Everyone was busy today and I was busy booking more divers and selling equipment.

Great news is the rain is going to stop tomorrow and the sun is going to return here.  Good thing because there is a leak in the roof of my doghouse and I am sick of getting wet.

Tomorrow the whole gang, Eric, Karl, Joe, Axel is going to be on the boat and Dayna is starting open water students.

The weather for tomorrow is a high of 32 with maybe a sprinkle in the morning and then the sun coming out for the rest of the day.

I’ve got to get back to my customers so I’ll leave you with some pictures from today’s diving and office and bark at ya later.