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Daily Woof and weather February 6

Man, what a scary day today.  Our open water student Stella almost got eaten by a huge shark today.  Good thing our staff was there to save her and to document it on camera.  She was lucky to escape after the Discovery staff distracted the shark and she was able to get out of the grip of his jaws.

Other than the scary moment, I hear that the gang had great days on boats to Koh Tao and Marine Park.  With the excellent sunny weather and calm seas everyone should be diving now.  YOU HEAR THAT ERIC, EVERYONE!!!

I spent another day rounding up customers on the beach and collecting chicken and pork from the various visitors to the beach who just happened to turn their backs for a second.  I’ll be in the office again tomorrow with Dayna and Ead if you want to come visit me.  Eric, Karl and Joe will be on the boat and Axel will be returning from Bangkok.  I really hope his gender reassignment surgery went well.  Or should we call him Axella?

As far as the weather goes, good news.  The big storm that they were calling to hit here later in the week now looks like nothing, so we are calling for calm seas for the foreseeable future.  Once we get past the full moon (party party party), we should really be getting into peak diving season.

The weather for tomorrow calls for 29 degrees and the bright sunny skies that Samui is known for.

Wait, I think I smell someone throwing out some rib bones next door.  Gotta go