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Daily Woof and weather February 2

Another beautiful day in Samui, if you were not on a boat of course.  Unfortunately, the winds kept up last night and today which caused some high waves and kept us from going on our boats today, but the good news is that for those of us not on the boat the breezes are great to cool us off from the hot sun that was out today.

That’s great that all of our divers form today were keen to reschedule their dives for tomorrow when the waves and winds are supposed to subside a little and get calmer everyday going forward.

I spent the morning playing on the beach and then went into the shop in the afternoon where we were pretty busy with people booking diving and buying equipment.  Tomorrow Karl, Dayna and Joe are all on the boat with divers and courses and I will be left behind again.  I can’t wait till I get to dive again.

As far as the weather goes, tomorrow the winds are supposed to subside and we will have a high temperature of 28 degrees and a low of 26 with a chance of some light showers in the morning.  that’s how it is here in Samui.  The temperature really doesn’t cool down so much at night.

Well, I am off to eat my dinner and get a little playtime in before bed.  Talk to you tomorrow.


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