Regular updates from Stoli (the world's only "Scubadog").

Daily Woof -23rd Feb

It’s a dog’s life ain’t it?

Eric went back to the States yesterday for a break, leaving me here with Stella (he knows how much I love skiing!). I made a big fuss when he left with my best puppy-dog eyes, then as soon as he got on that plane, I pooped on the departure lounge carpet -I am gonna do whatever I fancy while he’s away so when he hears how naughty I’ve been, he’ll never try going off without me again!

As for the diving; Karl, Joe & Axel were on the boats today. Karl & Joe went to Chumphon Pinnacle, while Axel went to Sail Rock. Visibility is slowly improving there as it has been pretty murky for a few weeks now, while Koh Tao has seen some great diving.

I don’t have any pictures today, but I’ll try and put some on tomorrow for you (of the diving I mean, not the present I left at Samui airport…)

Speak to you tomorrow,


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