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Daily Woof and Weather February 20

Happy Presidents Day everyone!!  Woops, forgot where I was.  Guess nobody here really cares about that holiday.  Lets face it, no one cares in the US either, except they get the day off.  Well, I can’t afford to take a day off here now in Samui as we are so busy this week even I am doing try dives in the pool.  Unfortunately management here at the Amari put a stop to that.  At least I didn’t pee in the pool like the little kids.

Unfortunately, Eric saw fishing nets at Chumphon Pinnacle today.  They are not supposed to fish there as this is a dive site where the fish should flourish for our enjoyment.  We cut down as much as we could during the dive to save some fish.  You can see in the pictures how disturbing this can be.

Well, we are busy.  Congratulations today to Stella on completing her advanced open water course.  Also congratulations to the Schmidt family on their first day diving.  Dayna was busy in the pool with 2 new open water students and Joe was starting a new advanced open water course.

Tomorrow we have a full house again going to Koh Tao with open water students, advanced students and fun divers.  We are also full for Wednesday already.  Can’t wait until my bonus comes this month.  There better be a full case of Dentabones for me.

Wow, just writing the blog here at 7:00 I just sold 3 more t-shirts.  I am the Top Dog!!

As far as the weather goes, looks like the rain is over.  Tomorrow is calling for sunny skies and a high of 32 degrees.  I think I will need to go cool off in the water tomorrow.  Well, off to finish my work and go home.  I will leave you some great pictures of the diving today.  How come I can’t have fun like these guys?

Bark at ya later,