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Archive for February 24, 2012

Daily Woof -24th Feb

Hey buddies!

A busy day in the office with some people checking in from the hotel to finalize their dive trips, some try dives with Papa Joe & Myself, and some equipment maintenance by Zee German. No divers today, but tomorrow we have 2 divers and 2 discover scuba divers, which should be a breeze! My plans to reek havoc are coming together nicely, so watch this space!

Meanwhile, here’s a crossword to keep you lot out of mischief…


1) Garden, Moray & Conger? 3) Enriched Air 5) You are sure to find Nemo in these? 6) Dive______; guide. 8) Measurement of pressure. 11) Small critter with it’s own enthusiasts. 12) Part of a fish used for propulsion. 13) Bottom of the ocean. 16) Wetsuit fabric. 17) Aquatic reptile. 18) An area of saltwater.


2) You might damage these if you hold your breath. 4) Cylinder for holding gas. 6) What water can visually do to objects. 7) Freshwater fish, popular in aquariums. 9) Not yolk (valves). 10) Flat creature with long, pointed tail. 14) The _____; nickname for DCS. 15) Vessel used for diving.