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Daily Woof and Weather February 10

Well, I have had an eventful couple of days here in Samui.  My dad got bit by some bad mosquito and got sick and I’ve had to stay home and take care of him with his private nurse.  I really like the nurse also and especially her leg.   I also have been spending my time hunting down the mosquito that bit him  I have a good enough sense of smell that i will know which one bit him and boy, wait till I get a hold of that mosquito.  There will be some trouble.

The rest of the team at Discovery has been taking care of everything and has been on the boats everyday going to Koh Tao and Chumphon Pinnacle where the conditions have been really good.  Ead has been doing a great jot booking the divers and running the office.  We are coming up on a couple of very busy weeks at the shop and I hope my dad gets better so that I can get back in the shop and take care fo business.

Between checking in at work, supervising the building of my new home, and taking care of dad my days been pretty full.

Congratulations today to Robert on completing his PADI scuba diver course today and Vanessa who is 10 years old on completing her PADI junior scuba diver course.  Tomorrow Ursula will complete her open water and then on to her advanced course next week.

As far as the weather goes, it could not be better.  tomorrow calls for a high of 29 degrees with no wind and no rain in sight.  Perfect diving weather.

Well, bark at ya later.