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Daily Woof and Weather February 13

Hey Folks, things could not be better here on Samui.  I finally caught the evil mosquito today.  He had been hiding from me near my neighbor’s house, but I caught the scent of my dad’s blood and tracked him down.  I held him down while Tong Naam and Deng Mo took turns kicking him in the stomach.  After that we tore his wings off and told him to fly away.  Hahahah, wait till the geckos get to this guy…

Good news is dad is starting to feel better and looks like I can go back to work tomorrow.  Of course I will be spending the day cruising the beach near the Amari looking for my Valentine’s date.  I hope Stella’s leg doesn’t get jealous.

Today we had a bunch of diver’s going to Sail Rock and tomorrow we are heading out to Koh Tao.  I’ll fill you in more on conditions once I get my feet wet back at work tomorrow.

As far as the weather goes, more of the same here.  Tomorrow 31 degrees and sunny with very light winds.  Couldn’t be better for hunting for chicks on the beach.

Wish me luck.