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Daily Woof -14th Feb

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

Diving today, we had Tom who completed his PADI Advanced Open Water course with Joe, and Shimon, who went fun-diving with Karl at Chumphon Pinnacles and Shark Island. Visibility was great, a slight current at Shark Island, but everyone had a great time nonetheless. Check out these great shots of a Blue Spotted Ray, Anemones and Batfish taken by Tom while doing his Underwater Photography Adventure Dive (just one of the available choices as part of the Advanced course). Well done!

You’ll be glad to hear that Pops is much better now, plus I got to go and deliver some roses to my bitches, tonight I’m taking 3 girls for a dogs-dinner under the stars (Chi-Chi the Chihuahua; a shitzhu called Sharlize; and Betsy the Boxer). I think they’re all pretty great, but we’ll see who wins me over… If there’s any female canines out there looking for a hound of love? You know where to find me.

Anyone with more of an interest in fish, contact the office and I’ll arrange a date with one of the instructors (if I’m ‘otherwise engaged’)!