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Daily Woof 7 Weather 26th & 27th August

Hey there!

It’s so great to be back in the water after my whirlwind trip to Bangkok (Daddy’s still there with the new boat)! Daisy is gonna come over as soon as she can…

Well Sunday we had 4 fun-divers at Sail Rock with Papa Joe (to see the Bull Sharks again, which is on most of our divers ‘wish-lists’, creating lots of requests for this location) and on Monday we had fun-divers going to Koh Tao & Sail Rock! Alita from France did her Junior Scuba Diver course and Keith & Woon Yu from Hong Kong did their Advanced Open Water courses -big well done to you all! In Koh Tao we dived at Hin Wong with a Hawksbill Tutle who was waving right at me! & at Twin Peaks we saw some Orange-spine Unicornfish amongst all the usual regulars; Butterflyfish, Moray Eels, Angelfish, Nudis, Triggerfish, Rays, Pufferfish etc…

The weather has been cloudy with a little rain, which doesn’t bother us ‘cos we’re all doing this to get wet anyway -at least it’s warm!

Bark at ya later!


Daily Woof & Weather 24th & 25th August

Good afternoon people!

I’m just playing catch up at the moment with these blogs! The last couple of days have been hectic again; lots of fun-divers out to Sail Rock & Koh Tao, some Discover Scuba divers taking their first breaths, and Johann who did his Open Water course here too -congratulations!

I’m still stuck in Bangkok, but the boat is coming together nicely & I met Daisy… a very pretty dachshund! She is tan coloured with deep blue eyes and you won’t believe it, she dives!!! I’ve told her to come to see me in Koh Samui at Discovery Divers and I’ll show her some of the amazing creatures that can be found in the water around here -she says I’ll be the best looking thing she sees underwater, of course…!

Our is boat underway, I cracked the whip and and got them working through the night putting all the finishing touches on it! So it should be with us very soon. Remember, if you wanna come diving with us, come into the shop, call or book online. I can’t wait to meet you!

Meanwhile, here’s some pics from yesterday…

Bark at ya later! Stoli.

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Daily Woof & Weather August 23rd

Hey buddies,

I apologize that I’m a day behind on these, we are just so busy (& I’m still in Bangkok -the two-legged staff I left behind are not as fast and efficient as me)! We had two boats out yet again today, with lots of fun-divers, courses & snorkellers. Great fun was had by all. Our Bull Shark buddies were found again by some of our instructors/divers, but these guys don’t hang around so, as always it was great to see them swim by. I think I’ll start naming them; ‘Bruce’ (I was inspired by the Finding Nemo sharks) is the one in the photos, he’s the one we see most.

Well done to the Americans William & Andrew who finished their Open Water Courses today, and John who completed his Scuba Diver Course. John G. did his Deep Adventure Dive so can now go to 30 metres! Amazing!

Good work guys, we hope we see you all again real soon!

Bark at ya later,


Another crossword to get your brains ticking… (click on ‘crossword2’ at the bottom)


1. The regulator (first stage) valve that Discovery Divers don’t use (unless a specific adapter is used.

5. Open (salt) water.

7. Spiky creature.

8. To leave the water.

9. Coral landscape.

10. The name of a famous animated fish (some of our friends have their home at Twin Peaks dive site).

11. Eagle… Blue Spotted… Manta…

12. The type of suit you might wear in colder water.

13. Controlled Emergency Swimming Ascent.

16. Used to see clearly underwater.

17. A breathing slit that a fish will have.

19. An underwater reptile.

20. …Samui, …Tao. In Thai it means ‘island’.

21. When checking your air, you look at your…?


1. To scuba.

2. A colourful creature that some divers are fanatical about.

3. Large sea mammal.

4. Something you try not to make a porcupine-fish do.

5. Some people use these vehicles to go underwater.

6. When we dive, we don’t propel ourselves with these limbs.

9. A pinnacle or mountain is usually made of this.

14. This animal is feared by many, but loved by nearly all divers.

15. Our air container.

16. This kind of diving is usually in sediment, mud or garbage.

18. You wouldn’t want to over-expand one of these, let alone both.


Daily Woof and Weather August 22nd

Hey people!
So, I’m in Bangkok with Daddy hunting down the best looking female canine… there’s quite a few here! Do you reckon I should go for Poodle, Corgi or Dachshund (I can’t choose anything bigger than me)?!

With regards to diving, we had two boats out today -one to Koh Tao & one to Sail Rock. One student did their Discover Scuba Diver experience with her partner who’s already certified -well done Lauren & Toby! William, Andrew & John (from the States) did their Scuba Diver course which was so great, and finally we had a bunch of fun-divers in both locations!!! They saw loads of stuff so check out the pictures…


Bark at ya later!


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Daily Woof and Weather August 21

Today i saw that my dad has booked 2 tickets to Bangkok for tomorrow.  He must be taking me for an early birthday present.  I know that Bangkok has the better dog spas, parks and the hottest bars for dogs.  Maybe I can hook up with a dog supermodel while I am there.  Should be no problem right, after all I am the world famous Stoli the Scuba dog.  Everyone knows me.

I hope the dive shop will be ok without me for a few days because it is still crazy busy here, I hope that Ead, Dayna and Stella can handle the shop and not mess things up while I am gone on my vacation.  We have a ton of PADI courses starting in the next few days as well as fun divers and DSDs.

Congratulations today to Oxana and Vladimir in completing their PADI open water courses today.  Today we had a bunch of boats going out to Sail Rock and Koh Tao and everyone had a great time.

The weather is still looking good for the next few days with temperatures around 33-34 and rain only a little at night.
Well, off to pack my bags for my big trips so

Bark at ya later,


Daily Woof and Weather August 19

10 days not without a day off.  I am really starting to get tired, but the days go flying by because we are so busy in the shop.  My paws hurt, I haven’t been able to get a manicure or a haircut, and even my bath frequency is getting pretty rough.  How am I ever going to get a new girlfriend like this.  Well, I should be able to flash around some of that money I am making here in high season.  Maybe that will help.  I’ll head out to the bar one day and buy a round of bones for everyone.  I’m sure that will impress the bitches (I can say that, I am a dog).

Well, at least it has been fun here in the shop with non-stop action booking divers, and selling equipment and especially the t-shirts with the supermodel picture on them.  I really want to get out on the boat though and see the whale sharks and bull sharks that all of our customers have been seeing.  I can’t believe how good the diving is now.  Maybe that is why we are booked up days in advance every day.

You can check out some of the pictures from the last week of diving that we took, and great video of bull sharks on our facebook page.  You can reach our facebook page with the link at the bottom of our home page at  and congratulations to all of our students completing their courses (too many to mention all, sorry).

As far as the weather goes, it’s been perfect.  High temps everyday of about 33 and rain only at night for an hour or so.

Bark at ya later,

Daily Woof and Weather August 13

I can honestly say I have never seen weather like this in August before.  Usually we at least get rain in the afternoon or night, but I can’t even remember the last time it rained.  I am actually getting paid to pee on the plants now by people.  A new side biz for me.

Of course we have been so busy that I don’t need a side business.  Everyday is full, full, full.  And even better is that the diving is great.  We got all sorts of small things now and big things like sharks around.  I can’t wait to get back in the water myself.

I am still waiting for my boat to come down to Samui.  I am a little disappointed that the boat is late, but the captain is with the boat now and just getting the final touches on it that he wants before we put it in the water.  I have already bought my captain’s hat and am ready.

So I’ve been starting my days walking on the beach behind my house which I included pictures of, and then gong to work.  I got a nice picture from the gang on our Sail Rock boat yesterday.  Yes, it was after the last dive so the beers are ok.

More hot and sunny weather for the next few days so i will enjoy.

Bark at ya later,

Daily Woof & Weather -11th August

Hey buddies!

Today’s been another great day out at Sailrock & Koh Tao, both sites were fantastic, y’know, I think sharks prefer dogs… I saw three at Sailrock today! They don’t mind humans, but I think they like canines even more, we have that animal-affiliation thing. There was a bit of a current at Sailrock, but with my divers wearing their fins & me with four paws, it was do-able. Koh Tao was really nice, Twin Peaks and Aow Leuk are two lovely sites.

We’re still busy, so if you wanna come dive with us, let us know as soon as possible! We wanna make bubbles with you!

Weather for tomorrow …hot again! Highs of around 30.
Bark at ya later,


Almost Daily Woof and Weather

Just wondering, if I bring a red sheet to Sail Rock and wave it, will the bull sharks attack me?  Can I say “ole” under water?

Sorry folks that I haven’t posted in a while, but i was hoodwinked into staying at a place under my normal standards.  My parents had to go away for a few days to Bangkok so they told me I would be staying in a 5 star hotel while they were gone.

I didn’t realize until they were gone already that I was put into only a 3 star hotel.  I cannot accept this.  Ok, so it was an all-inclusive resort with food and water, but no internet (so I could not blog), my sheets were 200 thread at best, and there was no bathroom.  They actually wanted me to go to the toilet outside.  What kind of place is this?  You can bet I will be writing a trip advisor review about this!

Now that I got my internet back I can tell you what has been doing on at work while I was away.  They have been crazy busy.  So many courses, fundivers and discover scuba divers  that I cannot even count anymore.  Everybody has ben running their tails off  working.  Even better is that conditions are awesome now.  Even the bull sharks are back at Sail Rock after a 6 year or so absence.  On Monday, Eric and his divers even saw 2 whale sharks and 4 bull sharks all in one dive.

The weather too has been cooperating.  it has been hot here.  About 34 or so and we haven’t had rain in I don’t even know how long at this point and it looks like the same pattern is going to continue for a while.

Also, check out the awesome video Joe took of the sharks that is on our facebook page.  The link is at the bottom of our home page at

Well, let me get back to my review of the hotel and my other work.

Bark at ya later,


Daily Woof and Weather August 2

Man am I sorry that I haven’t been able to write my blog much recently, but I have been crazy busy at the shop.  July was a record-setting month and I haven’t had a day off in a long time now.  When is low season coming????

I have been so busy with booking divers, try dives and courses that I haven’t even been able to go on the boat and get some diving in.

Hopefully when the new boat finally comes I can finally get out and dive.  On that note, we are just waiting for some paperwork from the Thai government so we can get my ship in the water.

Today was a great day with Ben and Jacob finishing their PADI open water and junior open water courses with Claudio.  Also Gaetano finished his open water course with Joe.  Stella, Tao and Bruce all had fun divers to Koh Tao and Sail Rock and Axel had discover scuba divers to Koh Tao.  Nicola was starting some open water divers at our shop.  Tao and his divers even saw some bull sharks today at Sail Rock.  Wait till the bull sharks see me.  they’ll go running away like girls.

Tomorrow is another crazy one as we have 5 boats going out tomorrow.  We got Stella, Axel, Joe, Claudio, Nicola, Tao and Bruce all on he boats tomorrow and the conditions are looking great.

The weather is also starting to calm down now and the winds are going to start dropping down more and more everyday.  We haven’t had much rain at all, but it also hasn’t been to hot either.

Well, I got to get going and chase some of these neighborhood cats a little.  I don’t want them getting too overconfident about roaming in my neighborhood after not seeing me for a few days.

Bark at ya later,