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Archive for August 27, 2012

Daily Woof 7 Weather 26th & 27th August

Hey there!

It’s so great to be back in the water after my whirlwind trip to Bangkok (Daddy’s still there with the new boat)! Daisy is gonna come over as soon as she can…

Well Sunday we had 4 fun-divers at Sail Rock with Papa Joe (to see the Bull Sharks again, which is on most of our divers ‘wish-lists’, creating lots of requests for this location) and on Monday we had fun-divers going to Koh Tao & Sail Rock! Alita from France did her Junior Scuba Diver course and Keith & Woon Yu from Hong Kong did their Advanced Open Water courses -big well done to you all! In Koh Tao we dived at Hin Wong with a Hawksbill Tutle who was waving right at me! & at Twin Peaks we saw some Orange-spine Unicornfish amongst all the usual regulars; Butterflyfish, Moray Eels, Angelfish, Nudis, Triggerfish, Rays, Pufferfish etc…

The weather has been cloudy with a little rain, which doesn’t bother us ‘cos we’re all doing this to get wet anyway -at least it’s warm!

Bark at ya later!