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Daily Woof & Weather 24th & 25th August

Good afternoon people!

I’m just playing catch up at the moment with these blogs! The last couple of days have been hectic again; lots of fun-divers out to Sail Rock & Koh Tao, some Discover Scuba divers taking their first breaths, and Johann who did his Open Water course here too -congratulations!

I’m still stuck in Bangkok, but the boat is coming together nicely & I met Daisy… a very pretty dachshund! She is tan coloured with deep blue eyes and you won’t believe it, she dives!!! I’ve told her to come to see me in Koh Samui at Discovery Divers and I’ll show her some of the amazing creatures that can be found in the water around here -she says I’ll be the best looking thing she sees underwater, of course…!

Our is boat underway, I cracked the whip and and got them working through the night putting all the finishing touches on it! So it should be with us very soon. Remember, if you wanna come diving with us, come into the shop, call or book online. I can’t wait to meet you!

Meanwhile, here’s some pics from yesterday…

Bark at ya later! Stoli.

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