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Daily Woof and Weather August 13

I can honestly say I have never seen weather like this in August before.  Usually we at least get rain in the afternoon or night, but I can’t even remember the last time it rained.  I am actually getting paid to pee on the plants now by people.  A new side biz for me.

Of course we have been so busy that I don’t need a side business.  Everyday is full, full, full.  And even better is that the diving is great.  We got all sorts of small things now and big things like sharks around.  I can’t wait to get back in the water myself.

I am still waiting for my boat to come down to Samui.  I am a little disappointed that the boat is late, but the captain is with the boat now and just getting the final touches on it that he wants before we put it in the water.  I have already bought my captain’s hat and am ready.

So I’ve been starting my days walking on the beach behind my house which I included pictures of, and then gong to work.  I got a nice picture from the gang on our Sail Rock boat yesterday.  Yes, it was after the last dive so the beers are ok.

More hot and sunny weather for the next few days so i will enjoy.

Bark at ya later,

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