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Daily Woof and Weather August 21

Today i saw that my dad has booked 2 tickets to Bangkok for tomorrow.  He must be taking me for an early birthday present.  I know that Bangkok has the better dog spas, parks and the hottest bars for dogs.  Maybe I can hook up with a dog supermodel while I am there.  Should be no problem right, after all I am the world famous Stoli the Scuba dog.  Everyone knows me.

I hope the dive shop will be ok without me for a few days because it is still crazy busy here, I hope that Ead, Dayna and Stella can handle the shop and not mess things up while I am gone on my vacation.  We have a ton of PADI courses starting in the next few days as well as fun divers and DSDs.

Congratulations today to Oxana and Vladimir in completing their PADI open water courses today.  Today we had a bunch of boats going out to Sail Rock and Koh Tao and everyone had a great time.

The weather is still looking good for the next few days with temperatures around 33-34 and rain only a little at night.
Well, off to pack my bags for my big trips so

Bark at ya later,