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Daily Woof & Weather August 23rd

Hey buddies,

I apologize that I’m a day behind on these, we are just so busy (& I’m still in Bangkok -the two-legged staff I left behind are not as fast and efficient as me)! We had two boats out yet again today, with lots of fun-divers, courses & snorkellers. Great fun was had by all. Our Bull Shark buddies were found again by some of our instructors/divers, but these guys don’t hang around so, as always it was great to see them swim by. I think I’ll start naming them; ‘Bruce’ (I was inspired by the Finding Nemo sharks) is the one in the photos, he’s the one we see most.

Well done to the Americans William & Andrew who finished their Open Water Courses today, and John who completed his Scuba Diver Course. John G. did his Deep Adventure Dive so can now go to 30 metres! Amazing!

Good work guys, we hope we see you all again real soon!

Bark at ya later,



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