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Archive for August 10, 2012

Almost Daily Woof and Weather

Just wondering, if I bring a red sheet to Sail Rock and wave it, will the bull sharks attack me?  Can I say “ole” under water?

Sorry folks that I haven’t posted in a while, but i was hoodwinked into staying at a place under my normal standards.  My parents had to go away for a few days to Bangkok so they told me I would be staying in a 5 star hotel while they were gone.

I didn’t realize until they were gone already that I was put into only a 3 star hotel.  I cannot accept this.  Ok, so it was an all-inclusive resort with food and water, but no internet (so I could not blog), my sheets were 200 thread at best, and there was no bathroom.  They actually wanted me to go to the toilet outside.  What kind of place is this?  You can bet I will be writing a trip advisor review about this!

Now that I got my internet back I can tell you what has been doing on at work while I was away.  They have been crazy busy.  So many courses, fundivers and discover scuba divers  that I cannot even count anymore.  Everybody has ben running their tails off  working.  Even better is that conditions are awesome now.  Even the bull sharks are back at Sail Rock after a 6 year or so absence.  On Monday, Eric and his divers even saw 2 whale sharks and 4 bull sharks all in one dive.

The weather too has been cooperating.  it has been hot here.  About 34 or so and we haven’t had rain in I don’t even know how long at this point and it looks like the same pattern is going to continue for a while.

Also, check out the awesome video Joe took of the sharks that is on our facebook page.  The link is at the bottom of our home page at

Well, let me get back to my review of the hotel and my other work.

Bark at ya later,