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Daily woof and Weather February 19

What up?

Well, we have rain again here today in Samui which messed up my plans to look for chicks on the beach today, but the good news is that the shop was very busy today with divers that I got to play all day.  I think I had a great day anyway.

As I said, we were so busy today, that we are already full for Monday and Tuesday.  Today, Joe was on the boat to Sail Rock with Joelle and Marta.  Dayna was in the pool with Jean Phillipe and Catherine doing scuba review before they start their advanced courses tomorrow, and Karl was doing an open water course.  Everyone was busy today and I was busy booking more divers and selling equipment.

Great news is the rain is going to stop tomorrow and the sun is going to return here.  Good thing because there is a leak in the roof of my doghouse and I am sick of getting wet.

Tomorrow the whole gang, Eric, Karl, Joe, Axel is going to be on the boat and Dayna is starting open water students.

The weather for tomorrow is a high of 32 with maybe a sprinkle in the morning and then the sun coming out for the rest of the day.

I’ve got to get back to my customers so I’ll leave you with some pictures from today’s diving and office and bark at ya later.


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