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Daily Woof December 26

Happy Boxing Day,

Wow, what a Christmas I had.  When I woke up yesterday I had a bunch of new toys, bones and treats waiting for me.

After my day off I was just itching to get back to work (or maybe it was fleas), and boy was it busy!!  Today we had open water students, scuba reviews and customers in the shop all day buying equipment.  I was selling my tail off.

Unfortunately, it was so busy that we are sold out now for the next 3 days of diving.  We are so busy on Wednesday that I am going to have teach some divers myself.  Tomorrow everyone is so busy that I will be in charge of the shop.  If you want a discount I suggest that you bring in some bones or treats and I’ll see what I can do for you

Well, I’m gong to go get some rest as I just got home from work now and need ot be in the shop early tomorrow.  We’ll talk to you all tomorrow.




taking a little break


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