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Archive for December 19, 2011

Daily Woof -19/12/2011

Hey Everybody,

It’s really starting to ramp up here at Discovery Divers.  It’s nice to see that Koh Samui is getting busy again and we had a lot of customers come in the shop today so I was really busy greeting everyone and showing them all the new diving equipment we have in the shop now.

We’ve got everyone busy with divers tomorrow with open water courses, fun diving and scuba reviews going on.  I hope the wind dies down a little so we nice rides out to the dive sites.

With all the people on the beach now here behind our office I got out with Eric to take a walk all the way down Chaweng beach.  I haven’t seen this many people in a while.  i made a lot of new friends today and was showing everybody my new ball I got,  but I am not sure why Eric only wants me to make friends with pretty girls.

I’m gong to have to go home and get a good rest tonight as we are going to be busy tomorrow too.  On Wednesday we have trips to Sail Rock and Koh Tao and Eric promised me that I can go diving if I behave myself and don’t beg food from everyone on the beach.  Well, I can go diving anytime I guess.   The beach food is too good.  I’ll leave you with some pictures from the beach today and talk to you all tomorrow.