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Daily Woof and Weather October 3

What a day the gang had on the boat today.  I can’t believe that I slept in today.  The gang took the Discovery Boat to Southwest Pinnacles and Sail Rock.  Since almost no boats ever go to Southwest the gang was the only boat there and they had the whole dive site to themselves.  That is especially cool since they got to swim the whole dive with 2 whalesharks.  After Southwest they decided to change the original the original plan and go over to Sail Rock for the second dive.  What a good idea that was.  Sail Rock was awesome!!  There was a ton of stuff to see there today and all the divers were ecstatic by the end of the day.   I am definitely not missing out on tomorrow!!

The weather today was great with sunny skies and hot.  Looks like the same for tomorrow.

I’ve got to go now and pack my dive bag for tomorrow.

Bark at ya later,


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