Regular updates from Stoli (the world's only "Scubadog").

Daily woof and weather November 3

Well I am stuck here in doggy jail while the discovery divers team is crazy busy this week. You don’t want to know what I had to do to get to use the Internet.
It’s like the TV show Oz in here. You should see what goes on in the shower. It’s like a dog rape-athon. I was pretty lucky that I snuck in some milk ones in my but when I came in and have been able to use them for trade, but I’m starting to run low. I hope tong nam comes to visit me and can sneak more in. I’m too cute to be in prison. You see what happens in here to dogs that look like me. Should I join the Arian gang? (German Shepards).
Well, I got to make this quick as my time is almost up.
Hard to believe that this is low season as busy as they’ve been at discovery. We’ve had full boats almost everyday and on top had 3 PADI open water courses starting with Axel today.
The weather has been holding up great and looks good for the next week. Sunny with highs about 31.
Bark at ya later ( I hope),

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