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Daily Woof and Weather November 21

Well, this morning the weather was pretty crappy.  It rained so much that the Chaweng Beach road in front of my shop was a river.  I think I saw Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn going by at one point.  The good news is that the rain has stopped now and everything seems to be drying up pretty good.  We’re now getting our typical November weather so it’s not a big deal.  This of course has cut into my beach time significantly as the tides are a lot higher this time of year and there isn’t much of a beach left by my home.

We had divers today to Koh Tao, so hopefully it was drier on the boat trip out there.  They probably got wet during the dive though.  And, we got a pretty busy week coming up next week with a lot of PADI courses and fun divers.  I can’t wait to get back on the boat and go diving!!

As far as the weather goes, today seems pretty much a washout, and looks like some morning rain the next few days, but then clearing up for a few days.  The temperature is a little cool right now for Samui at 25.  The next few days should top out at about 30-31.

Bark at ya later,