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Daily Woof and Weather November 12

This is the evidence they had?  Sorry folks that I have not been able to write my blog for the last few days, but you all know my situation and we were put on lockdown for 4 days due to a riot here and I could not access the internet.

The good news is I’ve been spring from jail.  We all knew that this attempted rape charge was bogus.  I mean it was only a leg I humped.  Is there a law against that?  Probably is in the USA, but then again pretty much anything you do there is against the law.  Well, the judge looked at the evidence and let me out and now I can get back to my normal life here in Samui.

Unfortunately, the weather here today is less than perfect.  It is raining and we had some thunderstorms before, but actually now that I am looking outside the rain is letting up and it looks like our boats will be going today.

AS far as the weather goes, it looks like we will have off and on rain for the next week or so which is normal for this time of year, but it doesn’t look like any bad waves coming so the diving should be gong on as normal.

YOu can take a look at the evidence picture and decide for yourself if I should have been convicted.

Bark at ya later,