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Daily Woof and Weather January 17

What can I say.  I had another awesome day on the Discovery Divers boat today.  Today I assisted Anould with a couple of discover scuba diving students and what a ball I had.  You can see the picture below of me helping with the dive briefing.  So we went for our first dive in Mango Bay and it was really clear and I saw and tried to catch a bunch of fish.  Now I have perfected my fishing method of spotting them from the boat and then doing a surprise jump in the water to catch them off-guard.

The day was not only about me though.  We also had a few students doing their advanced course with Axel and Tao and Nik both had fun divers today.  We even saw a turtle at Twins today.  I could do this everyday and be happy.

We hit a lot of waves coming home though and it looks like that will be what is happening for the next few days.  That’s ok.  we have had pretty good weather up until now so a few days of waves won’t hurt us.  Guess it’s time for me to get the surfboard out.

Speaking of the weather, today was beautiful with a temperature of 32 and sunny all day.  Tomorrow is supposed to be sunny all day too, with a little bit of wind to cool us off.  I think I may head to the beach as it is my day off.

Bark at ya later,


IMG_0090 IMG_0166 IMG_1010 Image

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