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Daily Woof and Weather January 1

Happy New Years to everyone.  Whoa, what a night last night!!  I went down to my favorite club, The Boneyard, last night for the doggie new year’s countdown and as they say here in Thailand I was “mao mak mak”  Forget about the fiscal cliff, I went over the Jaegermeister cliff last night.  I think I am still falling.

I took a much-needed day off today to recover, and then back to work tomorrow.  We have 30 divers tomorrow and I am needed as a dogmaster on our Discovery Boat.  We also have 3 students starting their PADI open water courses.

We ended up the year very busy and with great diving  and are starting out 2013 the same way.  Hopefully I will see a whaleshark tomorrow at Sail Rock.

We had some storms yesterday and this morning, but the weather is supposed to clear up and the waves and winds calming down this week.  Tomorrow is a high of 32 with partly sunny skies.

I hope nobody sees the picture of how I looked this morning after my late night.  I’ll kill someone if they out it into this post.

Bark at ya later,



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