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Daily Woof January 6

After a busy week I finally have a day off tomorrow.  So tonight I am going to have to go out and party party party.  I’ve already got the gang together to meet up at the Boneyard (world famous dog nightclub in Samui) and it’s gonna be a big night!!  the Boneyard looks like a lot of the other bars here with a lot of bitches (female dogs of course) and a big brass pole in the middle of the bar.  Of course we use the bar at the Boneyard for different purposes than the other bars (you can tell by the smell)

Since the weather is so beautiful now, I think tomorrow I will hang out on the beach here at Choeng Mon with my dad and play with some new people and rest up for another busy week coming up.

Today we had another great trip to Koh Tao where I’m told that conditions are starting to improve.  Once we get past the full moon on Monday the vis should really start clearing up and getting into some great diving.

Today, we had everyone on the boat.  Karl and Joe both had Discover Scuba Divers, Dayna was doing an open water course and Axel had fun divers.  Everyone had a great time.

Well, I am off to meet my buddies.  I’ll check in tomorrow and let you know how tonight went.